We’ll find a name baby, don’t worry

I’m not having any luck convincing Dominic of the name Wilder Dean. So, I’m trying to dream up some new options …

Today, I thought of Tad Valentine. Valentine was my grandpa’s middle name and I thought Tad would fulfill Dominic’s name requirement of “sounds good over a P.A. system”.

Au contrare.

He thought it was dumb. Like Tad Hamilton. To which I said, “No one even remembers that movie.”

Goods news is we are still agreeing on an assortment of girl names …
Jemma Janell
Elsa Kathleen
Tallulah Mae (not sure on middle name here)
Petra Louise

Our goal is to take 2-3 boy and 2-3 girl names into our birth and decide on the winner once we see our little one for the first time!

Send us your boy name ideas … pretty please! Something unique that doesn’t have a mobster feel … our last name covers the mob rumors plenty :)
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  1. Ashley M says

    first off, i love the name elsa :)secondly, i can't remember if this was already on your list and was one that got veto'd…hunter? hunter bossio…?

  2. says

    Elsa is cute!Some of my favorite names: Killian (of course!), Kellan, Gavin, Stellan, Galen, Milo, Elijah, Ezra, Isla, Cora, Aria, Sophia.

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