Five Favorites


We’ve been baking up a storm and ringing in the holiday in other little ways while we prepare to move. No tree yet, holding out for the new house, but we do have a lovely wreath thanks to Max’s preschool fundraiser. I feel a bit out of sorts packing and still adjusting to a new little one, but we’re pressing on. And excited! It’s been a long year of being unsettled and a home of our own once again is just the ticket. Still, I’m holding my breath for January.

In case you’re still shopping for Christmas treats. Here’s a few old and new favorites of mine!

The Little Women soundtrack is my #1 CD of the year. 

My long lasting to do list set up is a 5×8 yellow legal pad on a mini clipboard. So simple. And awesome.

My wedding ring doesn’t fit currently (thanks Eli) so I opted for a silicone ring for the time being. I love it! I have this hammered style in black.

This bar soap is pure luxury. No wonder I love baths.

Lumberjack sheets on sale for another day! I picked up two sets for the middle boys bunk beds. Too cute!

Want to take a peek at more of my favorites? I kicked off an Amazon shop and plan to update it often with things the kids and I are loving! 

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