Five Favorites

Dom and I just got back from Chicago. Ohmygoodness. So cold! So fun!

We haven’t been away just us since I was pregnant with Eli. The night in the backcountry this summer sleeping on a deflating sleeping bag pad does not count! So, we were definitely due for an extended mama dad adventure!

Date days are for sure one of my favorite things so a whole date week … count me in! Now, if this post had to be about one favorite thing from our trip, it would hands down be Do-Rite Donuts. I’m going to be craving about these perfect donuts for a VERY long time. The pistachio-meyer lemon, blueberry crumb, and buttermilk old-fashioned are in my top donuts OF ALL TIME. If you’re ever in Chicago, go to Do-Rite.

Now, if you’re not heading to Chicago soon, these favorites are all readily available from the good ol’ internet.

ONE — Have you ever heard of a Danish dough hook? I hadn’t. Reviews say it gives a KitchenAid a run for its money!

TWO — Why yes, I’m planning ahead for Christmas 2020. My boys are going to flip over this advent calendar! And, it’s a good $10 cheaper than it was in December.

THREE — We had a chance to review a few gems from Grabease, talk about a favorite for little ones! Eli and I highly recommend the utensils and toothbrush.

FOUR — Teacher gifts? Friend gifts? Just for you? Jem and I just got these little plant pots in the mail and can’t wait to transplant some little plant babies.

FIVE — After collecting pressed pennies with Max at Disneyland I knew he’d get a kick out of collecting state quarters. He and Jem spent such a long time sorting our coins and placing them in this gorgeous map. Stay tuned for a callout for the ones they’re missing, lol!

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