The Holiday Gift Guide For Kids

With four littles I feel like I have a very strong pulse on the toy market. Someone in our family loves everything it seems!

We tend to keep things real small around here for the holidays. I frequently remind the kids that their birthday is the time to focus on them and Christmas is a time to focus on others. Dominic and I give the kids one gift they are hoping for and Santa brings a little something. But that’s it from us! Of course, grandparents and aunts/uncles wrap up gifts as well, but over the years they’ve become very attune to gifting within moderation this time of year.

With that said, this list is merely a list of ideas. Not an all-inclusive buy-it-all gift guide. Many items we have had and loved for years. They’re the timeless gifts that I know you won’t feel like you wasted money on. A few are new things we have had a chance to review throughout the year from various partners here on the blog or through my freelance work … I wouldn’t share though if I didn’t think they were wonderful! Finally, before we get to the good stuff, I have included some affiliate links below. Those links don’t change your price but they do contribute in a small way to my blog income. In fact, Max recently cashed in my recent Amazon affiliate payments (a whopping $15.15) for the brand new Princess in Black book. So, all that to say, when you purchase through my Amazon links, you make me and my littles very happy :)

Now, on to the holiday gift guide for kids! Feel free to comment with your ideas too … the more the merrier!

Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacer

So, Max saw some advertisement about the Osmo and has been requesting that I “research” it as a potential present for him. Thanks to his persistence and the rave reviews I’ve gathered from quite a few parents, I’m considering it! To get the full set-up you have to first purchase the base which interacts with an iPad or tablet or you can opt for a kit that comes with the base. Then there are lots of add-ons. Max is very interested in the Hot Wheels MindRacer and I think he’d love the Super Studio Learn To Draw Incredibles 2 as well. I’m not usually a fan of screen activities, but this one has such interactive pieces, I’m thinking it might be a good compromise.​​​​​​​

Worldwide Buddies

Literally obsessed with Worldwide Buddies! What a concept! Each box introduces your child to a new culture through games, toys, and more. Currently there is a Mexico and a China box available … I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Quarto Kids Books

Surprise surprise, we love books! If you’re following a “Something To Read” tradition, look no further than Quarto Kids books! Our latest favorites from this publisher include The Dictionary of Difficult Words, The Atlas of Ocean Adventures, and The Story Orchestra series. The illustrations are dynamic and incredibly engaging. Truly, children’s nonfiction at its finest!

Kid’s Kindle

Jem has been eyeing my Kindle and with our library ebook options I’m definitely considering scooping up the new kid’s Kindle for her! The cases they have for kids are darling too!

Jetsetter Maps

If you’re little one has caught the travel bug, Jetsetter Maps has such beautiful ways to document their adventures! My favorite thing though is the 50 State Quarter Collection Book. I want to start collecting quarters with my big kids as we study the 50 states!

Art Classes

We love love love experience type gifts for the holidays. You all know I’m a huge fan of Outschool. Jemma and Max are signed up for a few upcoming classes and it would be super easy to create a little certificate and gift your child a class they might enjoy. We’re excited for Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures coming up soon and Jem is currently in a Fairy Tale Art with Literature Connection that is wonderful. Max loves the Pokemon classes taught by this teacher!

Another idea is a Let’s Make Art monthly subscription box. They recently launched a kid’s line and the options all look so good!

Unicorn Fun

Do you have a unicorn lover? Look no further than the Unicorn Building Set and the Unicorn Hoppity! The Buiding Set is like a unicorn fort, so fun for play or a reading nook and the Unicorn Hoppity is a unicorn version of the ever popular Rody. So stinkin’ cute! A little 2-year-old in our circle is going to be very pleased with her new unicorn friend come Christmas morning!


What happens when magnets and building blocks unite? Magformers! Magformers are always a gift win with kids and these new sets are just the cutest: Max’s Playground Set (obviously our favorite!), Maggy’s House, Minibot Kitchen, and Milo’s Mansion.

My Robotic Pet – Tumbling Hedgehog​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have a LEGO-loving kiddo, take their assembly skills to the next level with some STEM fun! Once the Tumbling Hedgehog is put together it responds to clapping sounds and can tumble, roll, spin, and more! Recommended for 7+ due to the initial assembly of 172 pieces. But younger kids could team up with a big sibling or parent and still have a blast.

Board Games

We all love board games! Some of our favorites include: Ticket To Ride (we only have the adult version, but the kid one looks great!), Disney Eye Found It, Sushi Go (the best card game!), and National Parks Opoly. Jem and I just added 7 Wonders to her wish list too.

StoryBricks Letter Board​​​​​​​

If your kids are always mixing up your letter board, get them one of their own! The StoryBricks Letter Board is a magnetic for the fridge, but it also has an easel so it can prop up on a desk or dresser. The set comes with letter bricks, numbers, and grammatical signs as well as a tool to help pop the bricks off when you’re ready for a new phrase. I anticipate many a fun saying in the new year from my kids and their very own letter board!

What are your kids hoping for this Christmas? I’d love to know!

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