Jemma and American Girl’s Courtney Moore Debut Their Totally Cool Playlist

The moment Jemma heard about American Girl’s new historical doll, Courtney Moore, she exclaimed, “Mom! She’s the same year as you!”

And yes, Jem is correct – Courtney is from the year 1986 and yours truly was born that same year! Courtney, you have aged me, but I’m not even a smidge mad about it. Your story and clothing line are totally rad! We love it all!

Upon Courtney’s release we planned a trip to our local American Girl store with some fellow American Girl fans. Us mamas reminisced about our first dolls (mine was Kirsten!) while watching our now 10 year olds fall in love with the same dolls we have cherished for so long. Courtney truly brings things full circle.

With scrunchies, bright colors, and all the greatest 80’s styles – Courtney is ready to introduce American girl’s everywhere to the fun of 1986 while teaching us all how to stand up for what’s right, grow through change, and face tragedy. With a dose of blended family awareness (Courtney has a step sis) and politics (her mom is running for mayor), Courtney is real rockstar and the perfect representation of her decade.

Courtney inspired Jem to build her own 80’s music mix – you can listen to it here! Of course, this was after I explained to Jemma how Courtney’s cassette player worked … there was no Spotify in 1986! I have loved 80’s music for so long and it has been super fun to introduce my girl to some classics. What would you add to Jemma and Courtney’s 80’s Mix Tape? It is an ever growing playlist so we’d love your suggestions!

While at the American Girl store Jemma used some of her spending money to get Courtney’s ears pierced so Courtney could rock some of her fab accessories! Jem hasn’t taken the plunge to get her own ears pierced yet, but she sure is thrilled that Courtney can now swap and style her earrings to match all her totally cool outfits.

Ready to welcome Courtney into your family? ‘Tis the season! Especially seeing that we can incorporate an entire homeschool/virtual school lesson surrounding the 1980’s complete with historical events like the Challenger, music, and more!

Last but not least, Jem has really enjoyed the Meet Courtney video on YouTube as well as 23 Questions with Courtney. She has even looped Max in! We love that AG has made Courtney’s debut so full, fun, and totally epic!

A big thank you to American Girl for allowing Jem and I to review and share about Courtney! No other compensation was received.

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