Five Favorites

It’s birthday week! Jemma and I celebrate just three days apart so early October is BUSY and FUN and AWESOME around here!

Even though fall officially rolled in and we are well underway with our school year, in my mind, I’m still wrapping up summer. I need to work on a photo book of our Glacier trip and swap out the kids’ tanks and shorts for pants and jackets. I need to clean up the garden beds and pull in all the summer toys so they don’t get destroyed by the coming rain. Does the season change catch you off guard too? I mean, I know it’s coming, but instead of tending to those tasks I end up just cooking allllll the pumpkin things and soups, lol! This and this are big times favorites as of late!

Oh, and my Instagram shop is up and running at full throttle too! And I do try ons if you ever need a better idea than a flat lay on something :)

I apparently need to add mirror wipe downs to my fall chore kick off too! While I get on that, here’s five favorites that I’m positive you’ll love too!

One — Such a lovely and informative book, so happy it’s part of our library. It fluctuates so much in price … if you see it for less than $16, grab it!

Two — Watercolor on the go? Yes please!

Three — These were such a lifesaver on our Montana trip! A permanent activity in the car now.

Four — It’s going to take some getting used to, but I’m excited to be even more sustainable at home with these!

Five — Perhaps my favorite thing of the whole entire year … MY LAMINATOR! You don’t know you need one until you have it. This is gold.

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  1. Mimi says

    Your laminator😂