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For Mother’s Day we took the kids on their longest hike yet – 4.25 miles! They were troopers! That’s a long way for little ones … and a long way for this mama tote hefty Eli! We’ve spent the week since laying pretty low. I caught up on work, they caught up on end of the year school things, and now, I’m catching you all up on a few of my recent favorite things :)

ONE — I’m an academic year calendar kind of girl and this beauty from Katie Daisy (one of my favorite illustrators) is such a steal at less than $12!

TWO —I’m almost done with our play room refresh and part of it required a bunch of baskets and totes for toy organization. Girl, baskets are EXPENSIVE! I ended up with two of these non-baskets/collapsible bins and they’re fantastic. Highly recommend!

THREE — I finally found the perfect jumpsuit!

FOUR — If you have little ones, these take-along guides are the best — guide one and guide two (only $8 right now and hardback!).

FIVE — I don’t doubt that this will be one of my most treasured items when I’m old. Jem and I are loving it.

BONUS — I bought inflatable solar light for Dominic for his birthday, but with Father’s Day and summer camping around the corner I think everyone should have one :)

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