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Forever January will be a month of new beginnings for me. Everyone gets that vibe at the start of the year, I suppose, but it especially rings true for me since Reid arrived on January 1st. It’s just all so new and although I feel like I’m perpetually behind, it’s refreshing to turn the calendar to a new year and begin again. Moms love fresh starts. This is probably why I’m a big believe in nap time … it’s like getting two wake ups, two opportunities to start again, all in one day! Now, the first month of the new year is practically over! Which also means I’m on the brink of having a 1 month old! HOW?!?

Somehow, amidst a month of a new baby, car accident, lots of car shopping thanks to said accident, and touch and go illness I managed to keep up with a handful of work assignments. If they don’t make sense, please don’t blame me, I’m running on very little sleep and possibly a negative amount of energy!

8 Questions To Help Children Set Their Own New Year’s Goals

I love making to do lists, goals, bucket list … you name it. And so, I figured it was about time to pass on this love to my kids! What better time than New Year’s! Really you could do this at any time … most of all, I love hearing their answers. Such great conversation starters!

Baby Names Inspired By the Pacific Northwest

My little Reid Rainier totally kicked off this post! Once I started researching I fell in love with so many great names inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Are any of your children named after a certain place?

12 Moms Share What They Need To Survive Postpartum

No doubt there are specific things that make postpartum days better. I collaborated with a handful of mamas to share what we consider must haves. If you’re pregnant, prepare for those days after baby! You won’t regret it one bit!

6 Steps To Creating a Relaxing Birth Environment

With Jemma and Max I didn’t put much thought into my birth environment. But with Reid, I went all out! I’m so happy I did because I spent quite a few hours birthing and having a calm space really played into my emotional well being.

This month I also chattered about 8 Ways I’m Saving On Groceries In the New Year over at What To Expect and fell in love with this sponsor’s Pinterest board!

Happy browsing! Have a lovely weekend! See you in February!!!

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