Five Favorites


Well, my top favorite thing is obviously when these two ^^^ pause the bickering and show the love I know they have for each other. Max shed real tears the last night Jem was gone visiting family overnight because he missed her so much! But, I also wanted to share a few favorites you could actually click on and not just gush over :) Enjoy! 

I’m a big fan of the $1 cards at Trader Joe’s, but, sadly, my nearest Trader Joe’s is quite the long haul now. I’ve only been once since we moved and so, I’ve started looking for other pretty, but cost-effective card options (because, I adore snail mail). This set from Amazon is gorgeous, inspiring, and on my to buy list be $10 for 11 with them arrive at my door sounds FAB.

‘Tis the season to dream of upcoming calendars! I’m planning to buy this calendar for 2018 and this perpetual one

Sales are always my favorite so when I saw that this helmet was 66% off it landed in my cart and then on my front doorstep. Dom and I had just said that Max needed a bigger helmet, so WIN!

Did you see my Instagram story about Jemma’s phone? It’s really just an old iPhone without service, but it connects to wi-fi and therefore we can run the OverDrive app for audiobooks. I surprised her with this glitter unicorn phone case and she said, “Mom! You read my mind!” Apparently I know just what that girl loves :)

I have looked at no less than 500 rugs. This is the one. This is the definition of rug love.

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  1. Carol H says

    I love that rug!!