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christmas tree collageIt took us two tries, but we made it out to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend. Which was followed by adorable Christmas-y kisses. And then Dom bought me an eggnog latte … because … super yum. Had Chipotle not destroyed my dinner take-out with the wrong salsa today could very well be a perfect Saturday! Don’t you just love how food controls the mood of a very pregnant mama? 

Now we’re watching the movie based on this book and I’m editing photos. Next on my to do list is to make my priorities to do list. Yes, on my list is the job of making a list :) Dominic wants a breakdown of exactly what projects are on my agenda pre-baby so we can systematically work through. Who knows, once that assignment is finally done I just might bore you all to death with it! Until then, a little this and that I’ve been collecting from around the interwebs … 

My new fave gal.

Her too.

I mean, this color!


Preparing our kids for emergencies.

Teach Your Child to Gently Work Through a Mistake With These 5 Questions

Are you watching these movies yet? Have you done any holiday shopping there?


The beginning of emergency preparednessCan you tell I’m working on buffing up our emergency kit?

Such an awesome kickstarter!

Have a spare baby carrier?

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