How To Gently Transition From Maternity To Postpartum Clothes


Buying maternity clothes can be tricky.

On one hand, you know you need them, but on the other, you feel frivolous for splurging on clothing that will only be worn for a short season of life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good maternity piece. I own plenty (and am so sad to be slowly but surely purging them from my closet), but what I love even more is a maternity piece that transitions into postpartum life.

Take this Pink Blush tunic for example. It’s a maternity item that hugs the baby bump well, but then, POOF!, it magically makes the postpartum frumpy days pretty and comfortable! This jewel-toned tunic was the perfect thing to pair with leggings and boots for Jemma and I’s birthday lunch this weekend. I stressed a bit about getting ready to go out, because nursing tanks and pajamas-esque items have been my go to the lately. But I did it! And I felt pretty good for three weeks postpartum.


If you’re looking for maternity clothes that will live beyond pregnancy, here’s my two cents …

  • Embrace elastic waistbands — Find shorts, joggers, leggings, and other pants with a stretchy waist. It’s a must during pregnancy and it’s so nice when your body is readjusting after baby too. No shame is the stretchy game!
  • Look for length — Long tops (without the side gathering), tunics, and dresses all work for pregnancy and postpartum beautifully. I particularly love when they have more of an A line cut or empire waist because then they don’t fit too snug postpartum. Since my pregnancy with Max I’ve battled the mom pooch thanks to diastasis recti so tight tummy tops aren’t my favorite. Hoping some specific exercises will help remedy that eventually though! We’ll see …
  • Say yes to layers — Items like cardigans, kimonos, and jackets that are touted as maternity often have a little extra fabric in the midsection, but leave those top layers open and flowing during the postpartum season and no one will ever know that they weren’t cut for your non baby bump self!

If you’re currently shopping for maternity pieces that will work well for the fourth trimester and beyond, take a peek at these options — one, two, three. Pink Blush is so versatile, I love them! And, if you’re postpartum (one month or ten or twenty!) and struggling with dressing your body since pregnancy, know that you aren’t alone. Be gentle with yourself during this season. Your body has done amazing things and deserves grace and time … and clothes that honor all the changes your body has gone through to grow another human being too!

 Burgundy Chiffon Lined Knut Maternity Tunic c/o Pink Blush

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