Postpartum Reality — Week 2

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With all the kids I’ve shared somewhat frequent week-by-week pregnancy posts. I say somewhat frequent because I think Jemma got one every single week and Eli maybe got 5 total :/ But, in the vein of not judging my mom-self too hard, I’m going to ride the wave of awesome mom-ness because at least he got some. Some is better than none. 

But, as interesting as pregnancy is, it’s the postpartum days that seem to be one of motherhood’s greatest mysteries. So I think I’m going to create a postpartum template with similar questions. Maybe it will scar you, maybe it will make you feel less alone in your own postpartum journey. More than anything, I’m doing it for me to remind myself to take it slow, heal, and enjoy this 4th trimester.

How far into the 4th trimester:  2 weeks, 2 days

Weight loss: With Eli, I gained the most I ever have … 50ish pounds. All the other kids have been right around 40. With Reid and Eli being my closest babies, I hadn’t lost all of the weight from my pregnancy with Reid so I started heavier and ended heavier then ever before. I stopped weighing myself when I hit 200 pounds because it was just hard to see that number and yes, numbers don’t matter, blah blah blah, but they do, and I saw 200 and didn’t step on the scale again. Good news is, I think I was really swollen in addition to carrying my biggest baby and I’ve already lost 35 pounds. This morning I weighed 165 and honestly, I bet I’ll stay at that for a good while. Nursing always keeps me a bit heavier and then around baby’s first birthday I start losing again. We will see if that tradition repeats during my 4th postpartum journey.

Sleep: Newborns don’t sleep through the night, so no need to really delve into this. I have had one stretch of four hours. It was lovely. But the sleep deprivation is hitting me hard this time. Both because I’m older and I have four kids to take care of during the day. I still nap when I can. Total nap lover here.

Breastfeeding: My milk came in strong again which is such a blessing. I’ve dealt with oversupply in the past so started off block feeding right away to get things to a manageable level. It worked and Eli and I are pretty in sync already.

Other postpartum things: I healed up better than ever this time. Stitches are doing well (needed four) and my bleeding has mostly subsided. I’ve been lucky to never bleed for the whole 4-6 weeks that they prepare you for. Although, when I get up and around more it always seems to pick up. And then, just like with all the other kids, I pass a larger than normal blood clot out of the blue when I least expect it. Note to self (and other moms) … it never hurts to keep a spare pair of unders and leggings in the car. Emotionally, I’m managing. I cut back on work for October and am taking my placenta pill each day. That has kept me sane and I’m telling myself to stick with this plan for the whole fourth trimester. 

Best moment this week: We had a follow up with our midwife last Wednesday and Eli is back at his birth weight and passed his hearing test! I’m healing well and my leftover vertigo issues are almost 100% resolved.

Worst moment this week: My bladder is weak. And it sucks. And I hope it gets better.

Miss anything: Form fitting maternity shirts are the best and cutest and my very favorite. I miss them because form fitting clothes postpartum? Not my cup of tea.

Cravings: Who else is more hungry when they’re nursing than when pregnant? Currently I crave oatmeal (with bananas, coconut, and brown sugar), lactation cookies (because DUH!), and anything anyone is willing to prepare for me. We were blessed with 5 meals from local friends and I’m so very thankful! Four of those meals were from my new MOPS table and I’d only met those ladies 1x before they offered to bring food for our family. Talk about hearts of gold!!!

Looking forward to: All things fall. This isn’t really postpartum related, but I’m a HUGE fan of fall … pumpkin spice, gorgeous leaves, crisp weather, rain, soup for dinner, and all that jazz.

What Jemma says: She has already said that she needs a vacation from “all these boys!”

What Max says: He proudly announces “E-why An-FONY” to everyone we see. Such a proud big brother :)

What Reid says: Bubs is having the hardest time adjusting. He just doesn’t quite understand. Every day he seems to interact with Eli a little bit more, but he’s definitely craving extra love and attention and it’s so hard to find time for everyone. Mama is doing her best, Reid, promise!

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  1. says

    Form fitting postpartum clothes??!!! Lord have mercy!
    I’m with you, though – the cute baby bump doesn’t look so cute once the baby is on the OUTSIDE. Hah!

    • Gretchen says

      One of the many reasons I love babywearing … strap baby on the front and it’s *almost* like there is a baby bump again, just on the outside :)

  2. says

    You look great! I am three months postpartum and I *still* hate form fitting shirts and miss my pregnant belly style until I get back to where I was pre-pregnancy. Thanks for sharing this post!!

    • Gretchen says

      It definitely takes time! I tend to lose a lot in the beginning and then plateau FOR MONTHS then lose again around baby’s 1st birthday. I guess it’s just how my postpartum metabolism works.