Max’s Big Brother Babymoon

You didn’t think Jemma was the only one getting a babymoon, did you? Nope! Max got one too!

Jemma remembers Reid’s birth and early days pretty vividly. Max doesn’t recall much. But this baby? This is his baby. As a brand new 5 year old, Max dotes on Reid and knows he is a big brother, but he is fast to tell everyone that soon, he will be a big brother to TWO LITTLE BROTHERS. And, “my new baby will be addddddddorable just wike Weed”. Yes, he calls his brother Weed and I constantly get crazy looks because of it. Becoming a big brother is a a big deal to Max. We’ve had lots of emotions; lots of talking about expectations and reminding him that even though he is “big”, Mama and Daddy are always here to take care of him.

Hence the sibling babymoons. Dominic and I have a decent routine with adding little people to our family. But for our bigs? At their ages of 5 and almost 7, a new baby is a huge deal in their world. So, we thought one on one time would help them to feel special and honor their promotion.

While Jemma and I planned a girl’s getaway to a hotel, Dominic and Max planned their first, and definitely not last, boys only camping trip! It cost a pretty penny because thanks to my “I don’t really camp” attitude over the last 10 years Dominic barely had any camping gear left in the dark corners of our garage. He and Max picked out a tent, cots (because apparently camping in comfort is a must!), and lots of other things I have no idea about. I just saw all the Cabela’s and Amazon receipts :) I have been assured that just about everything can be reused and there is enough for me to come along whenever I’m ready! Yay?

I challenged Dominic to return from their camping trip with 20 photos. Apparently that was a lot to ask. 



And not one picture of them together. From the looks of Dominic’s camera roll it appears that Max went into the wilderness alone! I guess I need to send my selfie stick on their next adventure :)

Even though rain joined their getaway, Max begged to stay a second night because he loved sleeping in a tent. They went fishing, built a fire, lived on snacks, and, well, I don’t really know what else! Guess that’s the beauty of a boys only adventure … mom gets just a few snippets and a very dirty load of laundry when all is said and done!

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