My Secret To The Perfect Cup of Homemade Coffee

When it comes to mornings around here, there is no in between. It’s either leisurely and calm with praise and worship music, chirping birds, and a warm breakfast or me practically falling down the stairs running for the car yelling for everyone to find their shoes and grab a granola bar. 

You guys, if there was a camera in the corner of my living room I think we’d all have side aches from laughing at the crazy. Hopefully my kids remember more of the peaceful mornings … or not. Maybe funny mom and car breakfasts will be what make their childhoods memorable.


No matter the state of the morning, mama needs her coffee. Obviously. My budget can’t handle the drive thru 7x a week, so, I’ve figured out a way to get a crushin’ cup o’ joe at home. It’s more than just some drip and a dash of cream and sugar though. It’s closer to a cup of heaven. Practically perfection. 

I’m not about keeping secrets to myself. So, here it is … the secret to the perfect cup of coffee at home is HEAVY CREAM! 

heavy cream

I know, I know, “But Gretchen, the calories!!!” Pssssht, I say. A little goes a looooooong way with heavy cream and it no joke takes regular coffee up a notch. Or ten. Coffee + heavy cream + a little sweetener >>> BOOM! 

The perfect cup of coffee is easy and simple. Just like Dixie® To Go cups. They’re my other coffee fave. Especially when I’m flying out the door. Dixie® To Go cups don’t require any clean up (love), are sturdy and insulated (musts), and have leak resistant lids (need). I keep a stash right next to my coffee station and after my purse and the kids, it’s what I don’t leave home without. Dixie® To Go is The Official Cup For Crushing It. So if you want to crush your day (in a good way, of course!), stock up on Dixie® To Go cups and enjoy the ease and simplicity of homemade coffee on the go!




What’s your favorite coffee add in? No promises I’m changing up my perfect cup, but I’m still curious :)

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  1. Marie Cole says

    I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea and you are right if you usually use milk in your coffee or tea adding heavy cream instead makes it so much better.

  2. Amanda Smith says

    Cream is a must!

  3. janie vezina says

    always add the cream…

  4. Caroline Duggan says

    I love coffee and I can’t drink it unless it has the right amount of cream and sugar!