Jemma’s Take on Tenney Grant (and Logan Too!)

Last month Jemma had a special delivery from American Girl. She had seen her in person on our Chicago trip and swooned over her curls, outfits, and contemporary buddy. I could give you the scoop from my perspective (because ya’ll know I’m practically as in love with AG as Jemma is), but I thought it would be more fun to here about the latest addition to the American Girl family straight from Jemma!


Hey, Jem, who is the newest doll for American Girl?

You know! It’s Tenney Grant and Logan! They’re musicians from Tennessee … that’s a state, right? I think Nashville is the city? Tenney plays guitar and Logan plays the drums. She is going to be a STAR! And I will buy her music CD when it comes out! Mom, is there going to be a music CD or movie DVD about Tenney? I hope so!

What’s special about this new doll?

About Logan? He’s the very first boy doll! And his fingers can hold his drum sticks. Oh, and Tenney isn’t going to retire next year. She’s not a Girl of the Year. She’s something different. This is true. Jemma and I inquired at the store and Tenney is considered a contemporary doll so she’s part of the line up for the foreseeable future. 

What do you love about Tenney? 

Her curly hair and freckles.

What’s your favorite Tenney outfit?

The one she comes in. And her picnic one too. I love the light magenta hatJem is all about the outfits that come with hats!

How far are you in Tenney’s book?

Chapter 4! I’m trying to finish Rebecca’s book and then when that one is done I’ll work on Tenney. It’s good so far! I like to read a few books at a time. My nightstand has a big stack all with book marks.

Why do you like American Girl?

I don’t think I can answer that question. It’s really hard because I like everything.

Do you think American Girl will come out with any more band members to join Tenney and Logan?

I think maybe more boys!






There you have it! The low down on Miss Tenney Grant straight from Miss Jemma! Have a question for her about Tenney (or any other American Girl related questions), I’m happy to pass it on and share her response!

A huge thank you to American Girl for sending Jemma the new Tenney doll. We’re always honored to partner with brands that we already love and hold dear!


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