The Holiday Gift Guide For Big Kids

Some brands gifted items included in this year’s gift guide to me for review. But as always I wouldn’t share if I couldn’t truly recommend.Affiliate links included where applicable, that does not change your purchase price, but does support my blog, so thank you!

Ready? Set? Shop for those precious big kids!

Sometimes it is hard to believe that I have an eight and ten year old. Like, where has the time gone? I do adore shopping for them though. Over the years they have developed such fun personalities and unique favorites. Big kids write up wish lists and yet, still act so surprised when you “guess” something they never knew they wanted. Basically, they’re the perfect age group to shop for at Christmas time in my opinion.

Below you’ll find some amazing wins for the big kids in your life. Enjoy browsing … and seeing those grateful smiles Christmas morning! There is truly nothing better!

Battery Free Toys from Ten Thousand Villages

One, if you haven’t browsed Ten Thousand Villages … get on it! Specifically for big kids though, consider their battery free toys. Classic, beautiful, and handmade by artisans in India both the Triangle Puzzle Game and Tanagram Game will provide gobs of winter fun.

Lokai Bracelet

The moment I gave my big kids their Lokai bracelets they popped them on and have rarely taken them off; Max wear a Lilo & Stitch Lokai and Jem a Beauty and the Beast one (because ya’ll know how much we love Disney). Here’s the fun thing though, these aren’t just any ol’ bracelet. Inside the white bead there is water from Mt. Everest and inside the black bead, mud from the Dead Sea – the highest and lowest points on Earth. So cool! Lokai has so many colors and designs (not just Disney) – something for everyone in every size!

Boris Bearialis

Ya’ll, big kids are not beyond stuffed animals. In fact, I have found that my big kids snuggle theirs more often than my little kids. It’s a sweet comfort, especially in these trying days. Bunnies By the Bay has an ULTRA SOFT line of critters and we especially love Boris Bearialis, he’s the cutest polar bear around!

2021 Calendar

You really can’t introduce time management to kids too early and I’ve found that elementary school is the perfect time to gift kids their own calendar. One, it’s super fun to see what events they chronicle and two, the line of calendars from Workman Publishing offer amazing options just for kids. This coming year we will be showcasing the Wonder Wall Calendar (Jemma loves this book!) and the Atlas Obscura Page-A-Day Calendar because Max is obsessed with learning fun facts! You can browse the near endless assortment of calendar options here to find the perfect match for your big kid’s interest.

Crazy Aaron’s Mixed By Me Kit

What’s better than Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty? The DIY version, of course! Choose to mix up glow, scented, or holographic Crazy Aaron putty as an art project and then enjoy some putty fun!


From Thames & Kosmos (a brilliant toy/game brand to stay in the loop with) comes Brainwaves, a card game built to improve memory. Choose from three varieties: Brainwaves: The Astute Goose (currently just $6 on Amazon!). Brainwaves: The Wise Whale, and Brainwaves: The Brilliant Boar.

DIY Scruncheeze Loom

Oh yes, scrunchies are BACK! And now you and your girlie can make your own with this fun kit! Talk about the best kind of winter fun – arts & crafts + the ultimate fashion! The DIY Scruncheeze Loom is a Christmas must.

Mega Cyborg Hand

Superhero and robotic loving kids will fall big time for the Mega Cyborg Hand. It has the vibe of LEGOS in regard to assembly so if your kids are LEGO obsessed give this a try for something a little different; but, honestly, the Mega Cyborg Hand is kind of better because it teaches all about pneumatic and hydraulic systems. In fact it is one of the 2021 Toy Association’s STEAM Toy of the Year Finalists!

Rock the Locks Hair Products

Ok, so I bought the Bed Head Wave Artist for Jem and am bundling it with a bunch of Rock the Locks products for a hair care themed gift! I mean, when I was ten, I would have gone wild for something so grown up and fun! Rock the Locks products are totally clean and made in the USA. I think we will have the most fun with the Shake & Shimmer Glitter Hairspray, but truly, everything we have tried from Rock the Locks is amazing!

Family Board Games

The holidays are the best time to introduce new family board games. Everyone is relaxed, the fire is glowing, and hot cocoa is brewing … cue game time! This year we are adding Sagrada, Azul, and Buildzi to our game closet. Sagrada is a race to build the most beautiful stained glass window. Azul is all about tile placing strategy. And, Buildzi is a problem-solving block game. Which one will your family join us in playing this year?!? Bring on the games!

Guide Dots

For up and coming artists, Guide Dots is the perfect gift! When you order a starter kit you get an entire box of art supplies and you are connected to an online teacher for three months of instruction to help take skills to the next level. Then, you can continue subscribing for more projects and lessons! Through strategically placed dots, the Guide Dots curriculum truly teaches kids how to become better artists. Super cool!

Once Upon a Pancake Stories We Write Together

You remember Mad Libs, right? Well, imagine the fun of those in a longer story form! Once Upon a Pancake comes in three age categories and will surely induce giggles and memories. Best of all, when you’re done you will have a unique keepsake. Talk about a resource that will easily make writing practice something kids will beg to do!

Exit the Game

Exit the Game comes in a whole bunch of mysterious storylines … it’s like an escape room at home. For about $15 you get all the supplies you need to run your own adventure which is so timely since so many out and about activities are on pause right now. We are going to give Exit: The Forgotten Island a try first and then I suspect we will be hooked! Escape rooms are a blast! Some Exit versions are even available in Spanish!

StickTogether Mosaic Puzzle Poster

40×36. Need I say more? StickTogether is BIG fun. The perfect activity for winter days. With nine different mosaic designs to choose from there is no doubt something for everyone to piece together, sticker by sticker.

Owl Crate Jr.

Subscription boxes are amazing Christmas gifts because it spaces out the fun – a gift that keeps giving throughout the year! Owl Crate Jr. is one we have loved diving into. Geared for ages 8-12 (there is also a 14+ version), Owl Crate Jr. sends a box with a brand new hardback book and themed surprises. Hands down the perfect gift for book lovers or reluctant leaders who need the element of surprise and extra fun to help them fall in love with a novel.

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You can also easily browse all the Amazon available gift guide items in my Amazon Shop under 2020 Gift Guide. Happy shopping!

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