Baby Boy Names


Ya’ll, I’m out of boy names.

I love Max and I love Reid. And I knew they were perfect for my boys. But baby boy #3? I’m struggling a bit. I want to LOVE his name. I want it to fit him perfectly while flowing with the other kid’s names too. Is that too much to ask?

Other “requirements” are a new first letter … so, no J, M, or R. And I prefer short, succinct names. I’m open though. Maybe the perfect name begins with a J, M, or R. Maybe it’s full of syllables. The longer I’m a mama, the more I’m ready to let things go with the wind. Perfect name … float my way!

Here’s the latest line up …

Tad — For a long time this was my number one pick. But Reid and Tad is a mouthful IMO and these two boys will be the littles in our crew of 4 so I foresee that I’ll say their names together often enough and don’t need to further confuse myself.

Oliver — This has been on the boy list since Jemma. It’s solid and “normal”.

Tate — Different and cool, right?

Dash — Is this not the perfect name for the youngest of a busy lot of kiddos?

Eli — Currently the front runner. Short, sweet, and flows great with Jemma, Max, and Reid.

Sullivan (Sully) — After Reid I 100% knew I wanted to name a baby Sullivan if we had a 4th and it was a boy, but now I’m wavering.

Dean — This is Dom’s Dad’s middle name and a favorite for both a first or middle name.

Flynn or Flint — I just like them. But they seem more little boy than grown man. What do you think?

And just in case the very obvious ultrasound was wrong and I’m having a girl I EASILY have a top 3 …

  • Rosalie Celeste
  • Ivy Kathleen
  • Sloane Sapphire

If you’re having a girl, feel free to adopt one of those combinations of perfection! Whoever this little one is, he’s our family’s finale!


Sometimes (lots of times) Max reaches his limit. And did you see that baby is sucking is thumb in his ultrasound photo? Reid did that tons … and still does. Thumbs are the greatest soothers and I’ll take another thumb sucker for sure!


20 weeks!


All 4 of my boys!


Max is the official leader of the pack! Big brother to two little boys!

What do we name this little boy? Give me all your suggestions!

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  1. Mimi says

    Since you think #4 is the finale….how about FinnπŸ’™

    • Kristine says

      The entire time I was reading this, I was also thinking Finn would be perfect! πŸ’™

    • M James says

      Thats a great one ! πŸ™‚

  2. M James says

    I πŸ’—πŸ’— Hudson. I never got to use it πŸ˜• Its not common at all, but its not weird either. But whatever name you choose it has to work with your last name too. Cuz I also really like Jamieson..,, but could use that either… Jamieson James !?! 🀣

  3. Steph Frank says

    We just found out we’re having a boy too! I love Tate, and I agree that now you have to make it flow with the rest. Naming is hard stuff! We don’t have a clue for a name yet, but of course I had girl names all ready to go.

  4. says

    Sloane could totally be a boy’s name, no? Or maybe with a different spelling. We tried out Bryce and Devon when we were pregnant with Hunter but (obviously) settled on Hunter. Another suggestion is Declan. Two syllables, but a new first letter! Nickname could be Dex, which fits in with Max and Reid quite nicely.

  5. Kiara Buechler says

    Sloane is a boy name too (I have a nephew with that name). Good luck!