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Nine times out of ten I dress in a form of leisurewear – flowy tops or tanks, leggings, zip ups, vests, sweaters, joggers – the sort of thing that can be easily layered. I think the fashion mags are calling it “athleisure”, a mix of leisure and athletics. Whether it’s a trend or not, rest assured that I have fully tested and vetted this style option and it’s 100% mom friendly. Hence, my almost daily commitment to it. It’s my token mom style these days and I’m not one bit ashamed to say that elastic waists and soft fabric are my preference when selecting an outfit. Not only are they ideal for postpartum transition (because un-growing a body that grew a giant baby takes time!), they’re perfect for an active life with kids! 




Here’s the important thing to remember, athleisure is NOT equivalent to sloppy work out wear or pajamas. No, no no. Do you hear the angels singing? I know, I know, it’s a godsend! Thanks to options like Cuddl Duds it’s easy to pull off a complete, chic look without sacrificing comfort. That’s the beauty of pieces like my Stretch Cowlneck Tunic and FlexFlit Leggings from Cuddl Duds. They’re the epitome of comfy, but with classic lines and versatility that make them perfect for every day wear. 



I can totally wear this tunic and leggings for the occasional yoga class I pop into or casual walks with the stroller, but I can also mix and match each of these pieces for a variety of other outfits. That flexibility makes Cuddl Duds a must have staple for any closet. Here’s an idea of other ways I’ll be styling my Cuddl Duds this Fall …

  • Church — Solid leggings underneath a dress with ankle boots
  • Errand Day or Christmas Shopping — Tunic layered with a vest, printed leggings, and rain boots
  • Date Night — Tunic with skinny jeans, flats, and jewelry

So much of the Cuddl Duds line blends comfort and style. And with pieces like that, you know they’ll always be the first pick when your tired mama eyes stare into the closet each morning! Comfort + Style = Perfection! That’s mom code at its finest! 

Shop the Cuddl Duds sale at Kohl’s right now! And maybe not even just for you … Cuddl Duds has pieces for the whole family! Plus you know the Cuddl Dud socks would be a hit at your office sock exchange over the holidays – so incredibly soft and in the cutest fair aisle and other wintry prints! Pretty much, browse your local store, stock up, and save!


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  1. Marie Cole says

    This is totally my style as well.

  2. Amanda N Joosten says

    Absolutely my style everyday.. no matter the occasion :/ lol

  3. Sandra Caballero says

    You dressed so comfy.