Must Haves For Traveling With Baby

We leave for Disneyland is less than a month! I’m going a little crazy because, well, total Disney mom right here! There is so much to think through! So much to be excited for!

I’m crazy with anticipation and crazy with a healthy dose of worry too. I’ve traveled with Reid … a road trip to the beach as well as a flight and week in Texas, but I’ve yet to manage a big trip with all 3 kids. Four bajillion things could go wrong! And I always said we’d wait until everyone was older, not so reliant on naps, before attempting a Disneyland trip. But, lately I’ve been all about seizing the moment and not waiting for tomorrow, sooooo, to Disneyland we go!

Thankfully Dominic will be with us for part of the trip and my mom and sister too, so I’m not juggling 3 kids solo at Disney (that will probably never happen!), but still, I know it will be 10x different than the one-on-one trip I took with Jemma. Especially with an 11 month old tagging along.

Here are my main concerns about traveling with a wee one …

  • Reid isn’t yet walking, but he loves getting down and crawling. Does that really mesh at a theme park? He’s happy being worn and does well in the stroller too, but will he be ok with that all day every day?
  • He gets super distracted while nursing in public.
  • How do we coordinate naps and the nighttime sleep arrangements in a hotel room?
  • What if he catches a cold? I seem to always get something while flying.
  • Will I forget something important?!?

I’m aiming to take it all in strides. Focus on all the good that could happen. Delight in the amazing memories I know we’ll make! But still, even with my brave pants and happiest place on earth tee on, I’m a little hesitant. So, send up a prayer, will ya?

I’ve traveled with a baby before and survived. Lots of things will be the same this go around. It should be fine. It might even be great. But, life away from home and outside of routine can throw even the calmest babies for a loop! Hold on tight, Reid, a rollercoaster of fun is comin’ your way!

As I make pre-trip lists and pre-order souvenirs I thought it would be fun to share a few must haves for traveling with baby. I learned a few things from past travels and figured that my mistakes and few wins were no use being kept to myself!


If you’re prepping for a trip of your own, consider adding these baby supplies to your packing list …

Chewbeads Necklace — These mama necklaces grab baby’s attention like no other! Whether they’re teething, need something to hold while nursing, or just something safe to play with while on the go, Chewbeads are a great, stylish accessory to pack.

Covered Goods Mult-Use Nursing Cover — Generally I’m not a cover-up gal, but with how distracted Reid gets these days I figured it would be worthwhile to have a cover handy so we could tuck away and nurse in peace. Plus, talk about a lifesaver in the plane’s close quarters!

Plan Toys Baby Key Rattle — Portable, small, and lightweight is key (pun intended!) when packing toys! I especially love ones that you can loop and hook onto the carrier or stroller so it doesn’t get lost.

Aden + Anais Bamboo Dream Blanket — I’ve been an Aden + Anais fangirl for years! The swaddles are divine and perfect if you’re traveling somewhere warm. This time though, we’re traveling in November and California weather says it can get down to the 40s at night. This heavier blanket will be the perfect option for stroller snuggles. Plus, at home this is our go to blanket so I’m hoping that having it along will help Reid settle and sleep well in unfamiliar surroundings.

Nose Frida — Remember my worries about Reid catching a cold? Well, I can speak to the miracle work of the Nose Frida and we won’t be leaving home without it! Gag if you want, it’s essential!

Ergobaby 4 Position 360 Carrier — When you have a baby that weighs 28 pounds you need transportation choices! That’s why I’ll be taking a carrier AND a stroller on our trip. Between the two I think we’ll both stay pretty happy.

Skip Hop Backpack — While on vacation I switch up my diaper bag/purse routine and opt for a small crossbody for me that holds just my wallet and few essentials and I put all the kid items in a small daypack that can be worn by a little one or stored in the bottom of the stroller. All 3 kids have a Skip Hop animal and they’re the perfect size!

DockATot — I’m swooning over this piece of baby gear and all its’ options! The neatest stuff has come out since Jemma and Max were little! The DockATot is no doubt the perfect solution for safe sleep on the go.

Kickee Pants Solid Footie — Simple is key when packing for little ones. I’ve long been obsessed with Kickee Pants, I mean, it doesn’t get more comfortable than these! For flights, late nights out, and days in the carrier, I confess that I often let Reid wear cozy jammies while we’re out and about! They act as a great base layer too when traveling in colder climates.

Each of these items (and many more great products) is available online from the sweetest baby shop, The Baby Cubby! Baby Cubby is different than so many baby retailers out there because they’re focused on community. They test, recommend, and sell products too, but the heart behind their business is exceptional. The team at Baby Cubby truly wants to alleviate your stress by cultivating a collection of safe products all parents will love, appreciate, and use throughout the days with a little one at home. I love their blog and can’t get over the fact that they price match with Amazon – such an amazing perk! You get free shipping on orders over $49 too! If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is!

Between October 29, 2016 and November 5, 2016 use code “thatmamagretchen10” for 10% off your order at Baby Cubby!

What do you consider your must haves for traveling with a baby? Don’t leave me hanging! I promise I’m keeping running list of what I need to gather before our departure!

 This post was sponsored by Baby Cubby.

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  1. Marie Cole says

    I never used a nursing cover and I have a kinderpack rather than an ergo but otherwise I agree completely with this list.

  2. Lynne says

    Agreed – price matching with Amazon is an awesome perk. I want to support small, good hearted businesses – but the sad reality of our finances is that sometimes I just have to use Amazon, because I can’t afford the extra $$ Thanks for letting us know about Baby Cubby!