Every Mom’s Back To School Nightmare

This post was sponsored by Nix® Ultra as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and I received products to facilitate my review.

Say the L word and I just can’t. Like, I cannot even consider coping. It’s my worst nightmare.

Dramatic much? 

But really, you guys. Lice, those little buggers, are hands dow on my top 10 “I hope this never happens to me” list. Lice. L-I-C-E. Lice. I mean, uh!!! Itchy little bugs that take over … and … hold the phone … I’m feely scratchy just thinking about it!

Doesn’t every mom have nightmares about lice? Let alone super lice which I hear is a thing these days. A thing straight from the devil if you ask me. I’m seriously shuddering at the thought of seeing an email from school or camp or co-op pop up in my inbox, “We’re sorry to inform you but there is a lice outbreak we want you to be aware of …”

I die. 

Mom life isn’t glamorous. I’ve caught barf in my hands, used a NoseFrida to suck boogers out of my kid’s nose, and been pooped on, actually diarrhea-d on. Parenting is like Fear Factor (remember that show?) on steroids. Add in the someday potential of super lice and I kind of want to faint and simultaneously resign.

Call me a drama queen if you want. We all have our own parenting nightmares — lice is mine. I’m scared. I want to stay ignorant, pretend those little buggers don’t exist, but I figure if I’m going to beat lice like the mom boss I am, it might help to get a little educated. 

So, I was happy (well, maybe not happy, but thankful) to learn that Nix® is on top of lice in more than one way. 


For starters, the new Nix® Ultra is a pesticide free, over the counter solution for ridding your family of lice, their eggs, and the dreaded, super lice which has become resistant to many solutions. Nix® Ultra has proven to be safe and effective, and thus, a mom’s best friend in times of nightmarish realities. 

Nix® has taken the war on lice one step further this year. In anticipation of the school year they’ve developed an amazing data-driven lice tracker that can be accessed by parents and school nurses online. Through this portal you can search your zip code and see if there are any active breakouts as well as report problems. The Nix® Lice Tracker also brings lice product sales and Google trends into account when documenting lice outbreaks. It’s smart. A great way to give squeamish moms like me the upper hand when preparing for battle. 

This back to school season, armor yourself with a prayer for a lice free school year and be thankful that Nix® is working on our behalf both in research and practical solutions. Lice will never be a dream, but at least it has the potential to be a nightmare I survive. But hopefully not. I mean, I’ll stick with all the other childhood maladies if I get the choice! 

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  1. Patricia DeHoag says

    Aaahh the dreaded lice. Just got a note from our church saying some kids had :(

  2. Darlene W says

    Back to school and back to everyone has lice, yuck

  3. Amanda Williams says

    Trying to win a tula

  4. janie vezina says

    ahh, having this right now. head crawling .. lol

  5. Joyce says

    Lice is a total nightmare!! Fingers crossed we don’t need this this year or ever again!

  6. Amy Hall says

    UGh. Hate them. Luckily haven’t had to deal with them at all since we homeschool. But I’d prefer a more natural method to try to get rid of them. Supposedly just the act of washing does a ton.

  7. Dalla Baba says

    Not looking forward to that days where I have to deal with Lice

  8. Molly says

    Uhhhgh lice sounds awful. LO isn’t in school yet but I’m dreading the day we get an email or phone call like this.