On the Go Snack For the Mama

Yesterday I shared about one of my favorite kiddo breakfasts and today, it’s all about the me! You didn’t think I would skip the most important meal of the day, did you? And, if you know anything about me, the most important meal includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks throughout and dessert, of course!chobani flip

So, next week begins our new school routine, my new reality.

When I heard that Jem’s school would be starting the week AFTER all the other schools in our area, I was relieved. A bit more summer; a bit more time with my girl. I’m totally ready for her to have this grand, solo experience of Pre-K, but just the same, I’m 100% lost in the reality that my baby girl is almost five. 

As long as the weather holds, Max and I will be walking Jemma to her class three days a week. Getting out the door so early may prove to be a challenge for the first while, but I’m hoping that we fall into a simple, regular schedule in no time. chobani flip on the go

I fully admit that Max might arrive for Pre-K drop off in his pajamas and I purposefully bought a pair of hip, sweat joggers to mask my own disheveledness. Jem will be stylin’ though. She already has intentions of laying out her outfit each and every night :) 

Since Jem can pretty much pull herself together in the mornings, I’m focusing on my one source of sanity. Protein. If I skip protein in the morning I pretty much fall apart. It ain’t pretty. Not one bit. This entire pregnancy has revolved around my protein intake. If it’s low, I feel grumpy, sick and overwhelmed. If I kick off the day with a Greek yogurt or breakfast sandwich – I’m solid, super mom. Or, well, at least a somewhat productive and kind version of my self.

I don’t anticipate whipping up breakfast sandwiches prior to 9am so on school mornings Chobani Greek yogurt will be my best friend. Not only do I love Mr. Chobani (did you read this?), I can’t get over how fab the new flavors and design are! Have you seen the Chobani Flip at the store yet? chobani flip coffee break chobani flip key lime

I’ve tried Almond Coco Loco, Coffee Bliss and Key Lime Crumble. All winners, for sure. But the Almond Coco Loco makes this preggo a teensy bit extra happy. The blend of Greek yogurt and fantastic mix-ins are totally on par. I mean, who doesn’t want a splash of honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate with their coconut Greek yogurt while they’re on the go? I tell ya, it’s heaven in a little Chobani Flip container :) 
chobani flip toppingschobani flip stirred

See that happy pregnant belly? YUM! And to be quite honest, not only do I intend for these to be a staple part of my morning routine, I’m also gobbling one down pre-naptime. So convenient, so delicious – thanks Chobani for making mamas happy, healthy and a little less stressed!

Did you benefit from extra protein during pregnancy? What is your go to mom breakfast on mornings that take you out of the house in a jif?

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  1. Bianca says

    What is up with you and sharing delicious refrigerated goodness?? Here I go back to the grocery store again..

    I got the chickens about a month before Ruby was due, but they were laying already so I got a huge protein boost at the end of the pregnancy. Especially when they free range, their eggs are SO protein rich! A simple 2 egg scramble can get me through the morning without extra snacks!