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IMG_1120A photo, just because, from a wonderful gathering I attended last week (inspired by this)!

This month at I was all over the place, from pregnancy talk to Facebook chatter, I covered it all! Well, not “all”, I suppose, I have some fun things coming in September too! For now, here’s a little background and some links on what I shared at in August!

5 Ways To Answer Your Kids Questions About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

After this post published Jem went on full attack with her birth wonderings. Girl is figuring this stuff out! We chatted long and hard the other night about what sounds moms make in labor, why blood is involved in birth when no one has an owie and lots of details about my baby hole. Pray for me.

How To Survive the First Trimester

I collaborated with some of my favorite mamas to share tried and true survival tips – I love all their advice. Especially Deborah’s, I think she wins for most valuable insight. The main idea I forgot to include was about screen time. If you’re in the throws of the first trimester and you have other children, embrace the screen! Seriously, I did it, big time, and you can too – guilt free. 

The One Thing All Breastfeeding Moms Should Do

I’m not in love with this title, but I do love the message. And hey, my boob is on the internet doing its thing, so there’s that.

Facebook Makes Me a Better Mom

I’m truly curious about your thoughts on this topic. Does Facebook boost your mothering abilities or do you find that it hinders you?

I wrote for Baby Gizmo this month too – recipes and lots of baby talk. Thanks for all your love and support as I fill up the internet with 1/100th of the words that come into my mind any given day. You’re the best.

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