Saving /// for this. Swoon. Someday, maybe, probably never :/

Closing /// up week two of 5K training. It’s getting harder, but I’m becoming more committed each run.

Loving /// age three. It’s really amazing how much Jem has blossomed this year. I’m anticipating good things from four.

Despising /// television. It just takes up so much time and is often quite worthless. I think the kids and I need to go on a strike.

Throwing /// things out! Well, more donating and selling, but we’re on a massive cleanse and it feels good. Do I say this every Currently post? I think so. Where does all this stuff come from?!?

And some links to share …

What are you up to currently? What’s something you’re loving lately?

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  1. Cynthia WK says

    I loved the Selection series! I started it last year and had to wait for the last book this year. (Are you on GoodReads?). Also, going to start my 5k training – however not training for anything except the training. Lastly…loving the SheReadsTruth App and looking forward to the next study after a crazy mont of vacations and dickies.