3 Reasons to Picnic Everyday

Thanks to Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes for sponsoring today’s discussion and making our indoor and outdoor picnics practically perfect. Mwah!

Every day, regardless of the weather, Jemma asks for a picnic. Something about eating away from the table makes life sooooo much more interesting. Oh, the life of a 3 year old :)

At first I was hell bent against picnics. I mean, packing up food, having to wash the blanket, or … if the picnic is inside on the carpet, potentially scrubbing applesauce dribbles off the carpet post-picnic. Yeah, picnics might be Jem’s cup of tea, but not necessarily mine.

I know, I know. “Be a fun mom, Gretchen! Long live picnics!” But really, applesauce (or its cousins squashed blueberries and cracker crumbs) on the carpet? That’s so not my definition of fun.

But Jemma is one convincing girl. And I’m a bit of a pushover when something as simple as a picnic brings such joy to her little life. So, picnics we have. And many. And you know what? They aren’t turning out half bad. In fact, I’m seeing some HUGE benefits from our picnic adventures.

picnic everyday

Basket /// Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes /// Picnic Quilt /// Picnic Table ///Romper /// Saltwaters /// Shark Tee /// Shorts /// Shoes



With picnics, Jemma + Max both eat way better! They clean their plates and try new things I dub as “picnic only food”.  Sound tricky? I call it genius!


The conversations during picnic meals are like none other. The other day, while picnicking inside Jemma went on and on about why we needed to eat inside — the rain — and if we were outside her picnic blanket would be wet like in the washing machine because it isn’t like a boat and she would need a boat to have a picnic in the rain. Then she looks at Max and asks some question, to which he always nods or grunts in affirmation. His agreement spurs her on in her storytelling.This time, about how they’d have to wear swimsuits to a rain picnic and maybe they’d see a shark. Oooo, sharks say, “RAWR!” and Max is going to have a shark birthday when he turns 2 … right, Max?

Three year olds never stop talking. Never. Sometimes my ears get tired. Usually, right when I’m about to burst from all the words, Jem speaks a gem and then I want her to keep talking and imagining for days :) 


My initial worry with picnics was the mess, but in fact, both Jemma + Max seem to eat neat ‘n tidy while picnicking. When something falls inside they’re quick to scoop or lick it up. And if they’re outside … we’re just feeding our bird friends! Plus, Jemma has become quite efficient with her favorite picnic accessory, Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes. She loves our flower clutch, “because when you’re on a picnic you always see BEAUTIFUL flowers!” and wipes up messes, her hands and face, and Max’s hands and face too. She’s the best little helper! During picnic meals I can almost sit back and relax! Amen!

This morning we welcomed Daddy home from a week long work trip with an indoor breakfast picnic! He agrees, picnics make happy kids and our Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes make for easy clean up. Next picnic will hopefully be outside with no rain at the kid’s new picnic table (we got the one from the above collage, just have to put it together)!

huggies 1 huggies 2 huggies 3I love Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes for more than just picnics though. With the nifty little handle I’m able to attach it to my purse, stroller and Jem’s swim bag and have both style and function on the go. Having wipes handy is a mothering essential and with Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes I’m thrilled that we’ll never be without wipes when a mess strikes! And yes, the clutch is refillable! I knew you’d ask :) Ready? Set? Buy yours here!

Are you most fond of the floral pattern like Jemma or do you like one of the other options?


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  1. says

    I have been looking for something like this! I hate tugging along a huge package of wipes!

    My girls would love to go on picnics. We should definitely do something like that weekly with our girls. It would make some great memories!

    • says

      It totally does make great memories – and now with the warm weather I know we'll be heading out more!