Yesterday was the big day! My sweet baby sister married her dashing boyfriend of four years and she’s off to begin her new life as an officer’s wife. I’m so proud, pushing back tears and truly honored to have been a part of their beautiful wedding.
Hannah Pinterested and planned ever since their engagement last May and everything turned out perfect. Her dress was amazing, the darling bundt cakes were delicious and the ceremony was so unique to them and their love story. The only hiccup we recall is that she forgot to carry her bouquet down the aisle! Oops!
My Jemma and Max were both in the wedding and taking into account that Max only had a 45 minute nap on the drive to the barn and the wedding started at their bedtime, they were real rock stars. Jemma held hands with the other flower girl and made her way down the aisle and Max … well, he took one look at the crowd staring his way and ran back into his Daddy’s arms. Didn’t matter much though, everyone still thought he was a cutie pie :) 
I for one thought Max was mega handsome is his wedding get up, especially his Haddon & Co suspenders and bow tie! Poor guy rarely gets all the way dressed – his chubby little legs make sweats and man leggings much more comfortable on the daily. Jemma styled her new favorite accessory, a silver headband, and pranced around in her “dancing shoes” most of the night. The photographer’s son is one of her bestest friends and during the ceremony she was begging to go find him to play – they’re the cutest together, and yes, we snapped photos of them for their future nuptials :)
And now, the photos! Everyone kept asking what Hannah’s wedding colors were and truly, she didn’t have any. Our bridesmaid dresses were a soft grey chiffon, but that was the only grey. We joked that instead of wedding colors, Hannah had wedding textures – lace and twin and kraft paper. Toss that all in with the amazing, rustic barn and you’ve got yourself a real vintage, classy gathering!
Of course, more photos to come, but I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorite clicks from the night! A very special thank you to Simply Bridal and Haddon & Co who sponsored our bridesmaid dresses and Max’s dapper accessories! If you’d like to snag a pair of suspenders from Haddon & Co be sure to use code MAMAGRETCHEN for 10% off your purchase!
Thankfully, Hannah and Aaron will be spending Thanksgiving and a bit of Black Friday with us before they head to their new home across the country. And then, let the Skyping and saving for airfare begin!
Love you two – so blessed to have a sister as such a wonderful friend and a brand new brother! xoxo
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