Mama, We’re So Close!

Awhile back I entered this photo of Max and I into the Natural Parents Network Flickr Photo Contest. The prompt for entries was, “What Does Natural Parenting Really Look Like?” And this … this is so us :)
Max in comfy jammies talking to me through grunts and smiles and tickles. 
Me wearing sunglasses to hide tired eyes and soothing Max with a little “pat pat” on his bum.
Please take a quick moment and vote for our photo! We’re #18, about half way down in the babywearing section! There are some awesome prizes to be had, but more than anything – I’m happy that we were chosen as a visual reminder that natural parenting isn’t always an effervescent stroll in the forest – sometimes it’s no eye make-up and jammies at noon on a Sunday :)


You can vote for up to 5 photos – so feel free to select your top 5 in the poll at the bottom of this link.


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    I will totally have to vote- that's awesome that you are a finalist! It's a totally adorable and REAL photo. PS- we loooove our Boba.