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The other week I gave the 411 on my experience with Just Between Friends consignment sales. It’s Spring sale season and I couldn’t be more excited for the consigning and shopping adventures that are just around the corner!

I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes peek at the gal behind my local sale … the fabulous Jenny! Check our our little interview and if you’re local – don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!

Tell me your three sentence biography …

I was born and raised in Eastern Washington (Selah), met my husband at Central Washington University, and we were married in Sedona, AZ in 2003.  We live in the Puyallup area (my husband’s home town) and have 2 wonderful little boys, Jake (6) and Tyce (4).  I hold an almost full time (30 hrs/week) job as a Government Auditor, volunteer in my son Tyce’s co-op preschool and also enjoy my duties as treasurer for the school too, along with my newest job as owner/event coordinator for JBF Olympia!!! 

How did you come to fall in love with JBF?
I loved JBF the moment I stepped into Tacoma’s sale about 3 years ago!.  I had never seen such a large children’s sale and the organization and quality was astounding.  I walked away thinking this was the best idea for mom’s with growing kids and I was excited to get myself organized to sell my boys’ outgrown clothing and toys.  I had tubs in the garage and the first time I consigned with JBF, I made over $600! 

What brands and must-have items do you normally see being sold at JBF sales?

We see moms bring in clothing that looks new.  Kids grow so fast and rarely have a chance to even wear everything before it is too small.  Name brand clothing that you will see at the events includes Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Mini Boden, Carter’s.  Shoe brands include Nike, Keens, Saucony, Stride Rite, Converse, Crocs.   Teen clothing includes Abercrombie, Hurley, Hollister, American Eagle, GAP, Old Navy.   We also have bedding items including Pottery Barn, Land of Nod.  Equipment and baby gear includes strollers, high chairs, bouncy chairs, car seats, play yards,…you name it.  All brands are represented and all items are clean and checked for recalls.
I need to stress that all our items are inspected for quality and all items are required to be in working order with all pieces.  We have volunteers who inspect items that consignors drop off, in addition, we have a recall specialist/volunteer that makes sure all items are safe and meet the current recall standards.

How much money does the average consignor earn?

The average consignor makes $300.  They usually have over 100 items to consign and they volunteer to receive 70% of their asking price.  Items are priced to sell by the consignor and are usually 50-90%  off retail.  The more you sell, the more you make.  The more shoppers that attend the sale, the more likely your items are to sell so we encourage our consignors to pass out free admission passes.  Once a mom shops ta JBF sale…she will be spreading the word…for sure!  A consignor has the option for items to be sold at 50% off on the last day.  They can also mark their items for donations, or pick up their unsold items.  Some of our consignors take their items to other JBF sales and need not do anything except sign up for the next sale!!  It’s super easy!

What’s on your JBF shopping list for the upcoming sale?

My shopping list includes boys clothing for summer (warm and cool).  My older boy needs shorts and jeans!  I am selling almost everything my youngest boy wore last summer…who knew they would be growing so fast?  They also need shoes for play and I always check out toys.   I also let my boys cruise the JBF toy section and pick out something fun!
When you are up late tagging, what’s your go-to snack?
My go to snack is always my Mocha Frappe mix from Costco (thankfully it doesn’t have enough caffeine in it to keep me awake).   I can’t eat too many things since I don’t want sticky, cheesy or chocolate fingers when I’m tagging!!  But we all remember our mom’s saying a handful of M&Ms “melts in your mouth, not in your hands”.  I think the ones with peanuts make them a health food…haha.

What is your best piece of advice for JBF shoppers? What about consignors?

Shoppers…come with a list of what you are looking for.  You will find so much you may end up with a cart full only to discover you forgot to get a needed item.  And speaking of carts…grab one when you come in.  Items get heavy, and you will want both arms available to look through those racks and racks of clothes.  Also…a drawing of your child’s foot might be helpful if you are looking for shoes.  Children are welcome, but there is so much for them to be distracted by, that you may end up spending more time looking at Dora dolls than at the items you came to buy.  (Another good reason fro snagging a cart).
Consignors…be prepared before you tackle your tagging.  Get your hangers in the off seasons…Old Navy has them for free as do several other places.  Goodwill has them 12/$1.00.  Zip lock bags are handy and are cheap at the dollar stores.  Fluff your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with a fabric softener sheets if they have spent the winter in a tub in the garage.  Items should look and smell good…ask yourself if you would buy the item based on how it looks.  Clean your toys and baby equipment.  No one will by a dirty item and it will be pulled off the floor by our volunteers.  Price your items at a price you would buy the item for.  1st time consignors often think they have to stay with their items at the sale.  Not so!  Items are brought in ready to sell with tags and on hangers, the items are inspected, then the consignors put them out on the floor in designated areas….then they go home and relax!!  Each night the sold tags are uploaded so consignors can see what has sold.  Consignors have a special time to shop before the public sale and can shop even earlier if they volunteer.  They also get access to the 50% off sale before the public as well!!  At the end of the sale, they pick up their unsold items if they choose not to donate.  These unsold items can be sold at other JBF sales (nationwide) or saved for the next Olympia event.  

When you’re not busy with JBF what do you and your family enjoy doing?

In the time between sale events, our family likes to camp and hike.  Even in the cold rainy months we are out hiking nearly every Saturday and just last weekend we hiked in the Hoh Rainforest where we were actually hiking in a couple inches of snow….and also around Lake Quinalt to see the world’s largest spruce tree!!  The boys are active in Karate and t-ball starts in a few weeks.  Both have won trophies in BMX races and we try to squeeze in swim lessons.  We often travel to eastern Washington to visit family and to Lopez Island where we have a family cabin.  We love the beach and already have camping reservations for summer excursions along the Washington and Oregon Coasts. 

Jenny was so sweet to offer a much coveted early shopping pass to the Just Between Friends Sale in late April! If you win, you and a guest will be able to shop early – before almost everyone else! These two passes will be good for entrance to the Olympia sale at 5:15 pm on Thursday, April 27th! WOOHOO!

This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends Olympia. I hope you are able to attend and consign at the sale on April 26-28, 2013. Register here and like JBF Olympia on Facebook. If you aren’t in the area, but still want to participate in JBF, search for the closest sale to you here.
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  1. Bianca says

    I was just thinking this morning about how Miss P could use a legit yellow rain jacket.. I hope we can find something at JBF this season!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ooo, JBF is the perfect place to look! I'm on the hunt for some more rain boots. Those are Jemma's favorite shoes and she can put them on herself which is a life saver for me :)

  3. Jacque says

    Hoping to find some gift items for the nieces and nephews!

  4. Texanlady says

    I hope to find some cute things for my 2 girls in size 6 and 7!!! Their closet needs restocking for the summer!!!!

  5. says

    I LOVE the sale! This is the FIRST time I haven't been looking for specifics… just more clothes this time!