I Love You Like I Love Chemistry

Can you name these chemistry molecules?

I can’t … even if my life depended on it. No clue.

Good news is, my sister’s Katie and Hannah can! They are my science sisters and I’m so happy to have them in my life!

It’s interesting when you become a mama. Many of your relationships change and grow. Not only do you have a new little person to love, but you have a new appreciation for your spouse and other support people in your life. Katie and Hannah are no exception. Since I became a mama I view them more as my children in that I care so much about their worries, excitements, and activities. But I also view them as my parenting partners … especially now that we are all living together this summer.  I feel so blessed by their support!

So, as a little thank you and token of my appreciation, I partnered with Jen of Exaltation to give Katie and Hannah a little gift as they pursue their careers in the science field. 

Katie will be starting her second year as a middle school science teacher this fall. Her first year was full of ups and downs and learning experiences – through it all she was a warrior! She embraced each challenge and taught her little heart out. Reading her student’s feedback at the end of the year was so rewarding to me as a sister – the words of 6th graders just can’t be beat when they rave about terrarium day, kayaking, and the songs she made up to help them study for tests. Katie is a rockstar – the teacher every parent dreams of for their child. This coming year she is moving from a private school to a public one which will bring a whole new round of joys and challenges. I’m so stinkin’ proud of her … hence the gift of dopamine :) What better addition to her science teacher wardrobe?

Hannah will be starting her senior year as a Biology major. She has taken quite a few courses in Food Science and Nutrition as well and is pretty much your go-to girl when it comes to any food/cooking questions. Last year Hannah was only .04 away from having a 4.0. I mean, who does that during their junior year? Darn A- in CHEM105 … we shall never forever you! Not only am I proud of her academic excellence, but she has such grand aspirations for her career. Right now she is researching Masters programs in Maternal Fetal Science, Nutrition, and Medical Assisting. Whatever she chooses, I know she will make a profound impact in the science research realm, of course, with a little serotonin dangling around her neck :)

Outside of their science lives, I know Katie and Hannah choose to be my sisters and Jemma’s aunties above all. I see it everyday as they share bowls of cereal with Jemma, take her on walks, help me with chores, and generally be my best friends. I just adore them and am so thankful that Jen helped me to honor them in an extra special way!

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