20 Months

Jemma Pie, Jemma Poodle, Mama’s Favorite Little Doodle …

Yes, it’s true. Sometimes we make up silly little rhymes together. This happens to be one of your favorites – you smile big and expect a tickle along with it.

This month you have been through a whirlwind. We’ve been packing and moving. You’ve had different nap times, early bedtime, late bedtime, meals on the go … so many changes and new places. You’ve weathered it all so well and have been Mama’s #1 helper. We’ve gotten some great snuggle naps together and each day I’m more and more blessed to have you as my girl.

XOXO Sweetheart … Mama loves you!

P.S. This month is pretty fun because you turn 20 months on Aunt Hannah’s 20th birthday. You two have a special bond since you were both born on the 2nd! Yay for #2!

yummy french fry on mother’s day | loving your kitty | riding clifford | sharing snacks with your cousin | coloring | mall walker | visiting mimi’s kindergarten class | nap snuggles with mama | saying “cheese” with your rhubarb muffin and mr. riley | out on a walk with da | pigtail heaven | more coloring … my little artist | snuggling with baby | yard work with pops | bath time | frog boots … die by cuteness


  • The other morning, while I was still sleeping, you woke up and poked me in the eyes and nose saying both. Then you parted my lips and said, “teeeeef” before erupting in giggles!
  • You loves to hold a bowl of Cheerios and sprinkle them on the floor for Aunt Hannie’s dog, Riley, to eat up. Whenever he finds one you cracks up laughing and toss another Cheerio in a different direction for him to find.
  • The weather is finally starting to get nicer and you LOVE the outdoors. Just walking, exploring, and feeling the wind.
  • We captured some adorable pictures of you loving on your little brother during our family photo shoot.
  • After your milk, before you fall asleep you give me quite a few sleepy kisses on my cheek or lips … I love it!
  • Helping to open presents at brother’s baby shower.


  • Putting on necklaces – you love to accessorize everyday
  • Playing with my vintage popper toy
  • Puzzles!
  • Can you say coloring? Jem, you absolutely love it! Especially with markers. Which Mimi let you try out when visiting her Kindergarten class … bad idea.
  • Kissing your grandparent’s kitty on the nose and petting her soft fur … and using her as a pillow
  • Playing peek-a-boo with a blanket over your head
  • Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Sesame Street are your movies of choice
  • Playing Peek-a-Boo Barn on Daddy’s iPad


  • You has started referring to herself as “baby”
  • Signing “thank you” all the time
  • Signing “please”
  • Identified grandpa as “Pops” while shopping with him at the grocery store
  • Saw Aunt Katie pull into the driveway and said “Kiki” … which is Katie’s nickname
  • Says “I see” when you wants to look at something
  • Almost able to say “button” when you are searching for my or your belly button … it sounds mostly like “buuuuuuuuuuu” with a giggle at the end :) 
  • “Bye bye” – very clear and defined. Waves to cars, when family leaves, and whenever you get her boots on and head for the door :) 
  • “Mouth”
  • “MOOOOOO!” and “Baaaa” for cows and sheep


  • Mexican everything! You loves to hold her own burrito or taco and chomp away.
  • Luna bars. I had some mini ones tucked away, the macadamia nut ones, and you thinks they are the best treat in the whole wide world!
  • Berries! It’s gonna be a yummy summer.
  • You’ve taken a liking to hemp milk over all other milks. 
  • Nutella, not the healthiest thing, but a thin layer on toast makes you one happy girl
  • Cereal with milk – you are getting so adept with a spoon
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  1. SadieDear says

    Oh, so sweet! Those first attempts are words are too cute, too. Watch out, because the verbal volcano will come soon!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I can feel the volcano coming … it's so exciting :)

  3. SadieDear says

    It is! My son amazes me everyday.