The story of the first trimester

Sleep {restlessly with vivid dreams}

Eat {and gag}

Nap {with toddler who wakes you up when you finally fall asleep poking you in the face saying “eye”}

Be a couch potato {moan, sip on a smoothie, wonder if this is the flu or a baby …}

Memorize Sprout Network schedule {before January Jemma did not know Kipper, Caillou, Angelina Ballerina, Nina or Star}

Eat {whatever sounds decent … doughnuts, cereal, protein bars, sesame honey chicken from the grocery deli}

Call husband crying {so he feels my pain}

Send dramatic text to bestie {so they can respond with a “you’ve got this girl!” chant of encouragement}

Get dressed {in a fresh pair of pajamas}

Do laundry and dishes

Nap {with one eye open so toddler is supervised}

Trek to drive-thru {because who wants to cook when Jamba Juice and Taco Bell are near}

Start Pinterest board for new baby {because, obviously}

Eat {a yogurt with toddler getting every other bite}

Trip on toy-plosion {curse all children in the world for their lack of common courtesy}

Ask husband to cook dinner {more like beg and faint on the couch}

Take a bath {with toddler because it’s just easier than leaning over the tub for a 1/2 hour}

Sleep {to continue the random dream from the previous night}

Upward and onward into the bigger and better 2nd trimester :)
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  1. says

    when i was pregnant with my first son was when i realized that the little mermaid is the perfect length for mama's nap. i hate to admit that my 2 year old girlie watched it everyday for a while!

  2. says

    That first one is so rough! Hooray for the 2nd.

  3. Leah Workman says

    You Got this girl! (And who needs laundry done, anyways?)

  4. says

    yup. i never realized how different being pregnant when you already have a child was…until i went through it myself. you've got my sympathies!

  5. Julia says

    Ain't that the truth. Hanging right in there with you.

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ha! That is awesome!!!

  7. says

    Awww..Hang in there friend. You are making something beautiful.

  8. says

    Oh this made me smile because I know what you're going through and it's truly the worst, and then when you're through it, you think, "was it really that bad?" and yes, yes it was/is. Although I didn't have a toddler, that adds another dimension of difficulty. I hope the second trimester is more enjoyable for you!

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