The Milk Report

It stills seems quite surreal that I’ve been home with Jemma for 3 whole days now. It feels like a long weekend or vacation — not the real deal yet. What does feel awesome is that I haven’t pumped in almost a week! I’ve done a final deep clean of all my pump parts and have been solely nursing which is lovely. I think Jemma has been appreciating it too. Girlie is probably going to pack on a few ounces/pounds now that she has more frequent access to the tap!

Just as a came home I’ve had two dear friends making transitions of their own. One just returned to work and another is getting ready to have her baby any day. It has made me reflect back on this last year of nursing and I wanted to share a few thoughts on each transition …


  • Pumping extras – Along with all the pump essentials I highly recommend some fun reading for while you pump. I read a few books and quite a few magazines during my pumping days and it was a welcome break during the day to pump my heart out while indulging in a good read (can you say Hunger Games) or a magazine. Let down magic is pretty closely tied to baby pictures or even better yet, a video of your baby. Thank the Lord for iPhones and the automatic slideshow. I watched more videos and pictures of Jemma during my pumping time to get the goods a comin’.
  • Keeping perspective – As much as I hate my pump and can’t wait to pack her away for good, she really is a dear friend. Without my pump how would I have kept up my milk supply or given Jemma all that creamy goodness in her sippy? I think it’s pretty easy to become resentful of the sucking machine, but truly, it is a real gift of our modern times.
  • One day at a time – Looking back at my pump log it is crazy to think that I pumped that many times. Truly, the best advice is to just take it one day at a time. I had some awful pump days and they turned out to be just that – a bad day. It wasn’t the end up pumping or nursing or my milk supply.  I needed that reminder often.
  • Share the good news – In many workplaces breastfeeding/pumping still seem to be a taboo topic. Don’t be afraid to share about your pumping experience, you never know who you might encourage or educate!


  • Around the clock – In the beginning I remember nursing all. the. time. It was nonstop. Wake up – nurse. Shower – nurse. Breakfast – nurse. Nap – nurse. Grocery store – nurse. Nap – nurse. Lunch – nurse. You get the idea. Good news is, it isn’t like that forever. Cherish all those sweet, snuggly moments where the milk drunkenness is the theme of the day week.
  • The nursing mama’s best friends – Water bottle to stay hydrated. Burp clothes to stay as un-covered in milk as possible. Nursing pads to reduce the amount of laundry that undoubtedly just quadrupled with only one small addition to the family. Snacks – kind of like water, but even more important, nursing made me SO HUNGRY (still does).
  • Support team – It’s really weird to have other people all up in your boob business, but seriously, a nursing support team (both professional and family/friend) is so important to your success. Don’t be shy – a boobs is a boob and no one will think twice about it if they really matter.
My little nursling during one of our last lunch nurses at work

Things have definitely evolved over each month of nursing … it’s been such a blessing and sweet bond to share. I can hardly believe it’s almost been a year!
In the beginning we nursed all the time, now it’s more like meal times scheduled throughout the day. In the beginning we could nurse anywhere, now Jemma gets terribly distracted if we aren’t in bed or snuggled in the corner of the couch (with no one around).
In the beginning she always fell asleep, now mama’s milk seems to be an energy boost that sends her catapulting on to the next adventure.
In the beginning it was such a precious time for mama and baby to connect, and after all this time, it still is.

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    1. Charissa Jimenez says

      I am so thankful for your friendship and all your wisdom you so generously share! You are SO right about the video of my fussy son. Man, it makes my milk flow something fierce! It's amazing how that works and it just affirms my love for my little guy and how connected I am to him even when we are separated.Thanks for all your tips along the way. I hope they just keep coming and coming!!