Treasure Hunting & the New Costco

I had high expectations of our Friday. It’s our day to run errands and accomplish everything under the sun. 
I had a doctor appointment in the morning; Jemma was an angel smiling her way into all the nurses’ hearts. Then we went treasure hunting at Value Village. I had hopes of finding some Montessori-esque toys. Much like the ones this blogger had found for her daughter’s nursery. We found an awesome sapele serving tray with 2 sections. Don’t know what sapele is? I didn’t either until Dominic told me. It’s a type of wood. He knows alot about trees thanks to his work in the building industry. Genius husband I have. We also got a metal bowl and a wood roller. It’s hard to explain. I should have taken a picture. Soon. Best of all, I found some sweet Vera cloth napkins that I plan to re-purpose into a cloth doll.
Speaking of cloth dolls. My mom recently whipped up two for Jemma with this free pattern. Yes, she is a sewing goddess. Jem has been enjoying them quite a bit as you can see.
Back to VV. I found her some sweet clothes for the coming year as well. Some leggings, an adorable pair of yellow capris and a little navy cardigan. I’m pleased as punch with our purchases.
Jemma took a little afternoon nap while I attempted to eat bruschetta one-handed. A rough task. I finally finished The Bachelor too – I’ve been watching it in 10-15 minute segments for the last week. Jeepers, what drama. I don’t know why I watch it … 
Then, the point of this whole post. Our trip to Apple. If you recall, I had a grand plan to take my smashed phone to them with Jemma in tow and see if they would do a little swap-a-roo for a poor mama.
You guessed it.
A sweet guy named Alex took my wrecked phone and sent it to iPhone heaven. In it’s place he gave me a brand spankin’ new phone. I didn’t even have to beg. I pretty much just told him it was an accident and he looked up my account and saw that I’d never had an accident before and POOF! New iPhone for me! Seriously, I couldn’t be happier … or more careful from this day forward.
Apple is now as awesome as Costco in my book.
That’s a big accomplishment.
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