Welcome to the Forest

I feel like I’m finally making some progress on the projects I have been talking about for months! Remember the Nursery Art I had planned? Well, it finally happened today. It isn’t mounted on the wall yet, but here is a step by step sneak peak of one of the three animals!

Silhouette Artwork

– Step 1 –
Find your inspiration!
I bought these Friendly Forest stickers at Michaels and enlarged them 400% on the photocopier. Keep in mind that you want a simple shape … unless you are really good with scissors :)

– Step 2 –
Cut out each shape to use as a tracing template.

– Step 3 –
Trace each shape onto cardstock. I went for a traditional silhouette in black, but you could definitely do something funky like the Amy Butler option.

– Step 4 –
Pick your background and use acid-free adhesive to connect your silhouette.

– Step 5 –
“Ta-da” … ready for a frame!

– Step 6 –
Frame and mount on the wall. Maybe invest in non-glare glass for your frame. I was going for simple and cheap, hence my reflective glass. What do you expect from the Craft Warehouse $5 special?

I (ok, I mean my Dad or Dominic) will have these mounted in the next few days. Then you’ll have the chance to see the adorable bunny and squirrel too!
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  1. says

    those are super cute! good job!

  2. says

    adorable! love the deer… great job girl!

  3. says

    adorable! love the deer… great job girl!

  4. Ashley M says

    gretchen, this is such a great idea! can't wait to see your nursery all finished :D