My dear friend, Leah, follows my blog and saw my post on Petit Collage. Rather than smile at its’ sweetness she got to work.

That’s right! Due to the creative bug that lives inside her Leah opted to make her own version of the prints I adored. Can you say “blessed”? I am still thrilled by her handy work and can’t wait to get this beautiful art on the wall! Until the baby’s nook is complete and makes its’ blogland debut, here is a preview of Leah’s pure amazingness! Yes, they are hand-stitched. I know, Leah is crazy fantastic!

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  1. says

    I went back to look at the "Petit Collage" site…Leah's are so much more BEAUTIFUL! She is a true friend that is so packed full of creativeness it just oozes out of her….You and baby are blessed!

  2. says

    They are beautiful! I'm falling in love with that owl!