Vaccine Research

I’m attacking the bear that is vaccines. Unchartered territory for this mama!

  • So far I plan to read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. Haven’t started yet, but it is high on my list of things to do.
  • Review the Danish Childhood Vaccination Schedule which my sister recommended.
  • Attend a vaccination education class being offered by a local nautropathc doctor. This is what their website said, hence my excitement … Every meeting will include both a discussion of the benefits to society of high levels of immunity in the community as well as an assessment of the pros and cons of each of the routine vaccinations. We assess the risks of the diseases, and the effectiveness and potential risks of the vaccines. We will also go over some strategies for minimizing the risks of vaccination. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and/or share their experiences. Other areas, such as possible connections to autism, autoimmunity, diabetes, etc may be discussed in response to questions or requests from the participants. We invite other practitioners and parents with significant experiences with vaccine reactions, etc. to share their experience, too. Our goal is to give a balanced account based as much as possible on scientific evidence, so that parents will be more knowledgeable about the issues and thus more confident in their vaccination choices.

What kind of research did you do in regard to vaccines? Any recommendations or resources to check out?

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    I didn't research at all with my 1st baby. I trusted the FDA, and the CDC and did what was recommended. With my 2nd, I read The Vaccine book by Dr. Sears about 1/2 way through Chloe's vaccination schedule (I think I started reading it when she was 6 mo) it's a great unbiased tool and I wish I had read it earlier. He gives alternatives, which vaccines are really helpful, which ones can be deferred or skipped, and I liked that approach. I do believe that vaccines are good for the whole (community) and they serve good purpose, although some aren't good for some people, and the vaccine schedule is too crowded, and some aren't necessary (like chicken pox and the Hep B vaccine). My youngest has had all of her shots, except for the MMR, which I have deferred. I don't know if I will give that one to her, not for fear of it's link to autism which has been disproved (suposedly), but because I don't believe that it is really necessary (the liklihood of death from those diseases is about zero) and the shot is highly reactive. You are wise to do your research now, and then find a pediatrician that supports your choices.

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    WOW that's GREAT that you can attend a class about all of this!! That is so great, I wish they had something like this where I live!! I vaccinated my 3 older ones who are 13, 11, 9. My baby who is 1 I vaccinated until her 12 mo. vaccines. That's when I quit. I did not take her in for her next ones, and I won't. At the very least I am going to hold off until she is 2. Even then I may not do vaccines ever again. I am one of those crazy anti-vaccine mama's. I subscribe to & a few others where I get my info.Keep us posted! Let us know what you learn & what your plans are, I'd love to hear about it :)

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    i'm beginning to roll my eyes at myself – cosleeping, check. cloth diapering, check. extended breastfeeding, check. no vaccines, check. could i get more predictable?we got a couple for guthrie at 6 months solely because our ped. recommended those as we lived in a huge college town & there had been outbreaks that year on campus. the rest we waited on until she went to preschool. it made for having several visits to the dr right in a row of just shots which sucked for Guthrie, but i felt better about all of it.we'll do the same with Laithe except we're waiting on all of them as we don't live in a college town now. The biggest thing that I cannot stress enough is to find a pediatrician who supports you.I read Vaccinations, by Aviva Jill Romm and I'd recommend it. One of the nice things about her is that she goes through what you actually can do to build up kids resistance to sickness and how to naturally help them heal with they do get sick.Honestly, I think that Guthrie has been sick substantially less than the average kid and I have to wonder if it's because we allowed (for the most part) her immune system to function as intended instead of hitting it with small doses of diseases repeatedly as a baby. I mean really, prior to preschool, two ear infections, a handful of colds, the flu once. She just had her second course of antibiotics ever and she's 3 1/2. Pretty good if you ask me. I'm way excited to hear about the class!as with all things parenthood – follow those instincts and don't let fear govern your actions, let education and love. and a ridiculous amount of patience for yourself mostly!

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    We are doing the normal vax schedule which i do not like, we'd do a delayed & selective schedule if we could, but because we're moving overseas and don't know where we'll visit and what we'll be exposed to, we've decided to just get them all. We haven't had any bad reactions or anything, but for families not going overseas I think it's ridiculous to give tiny babies 6 vaccines at once! I mean, REALLY? Excessive.