Mr. Surprise

If you came home from work on a regular ol’ Monday and saw this … what would you do?

That’s right … scream your little heart out and thank God 100 times over for blessing you with the most incredible husband!

Dominic is always doing special things for me, but this tops it all! With the house up for sale and a move in the midst (AKA, boxes everywhere) we don’t have a dining table to actually sit at (it’s in the garage). So, he set up the card table, found a tablecloth and set it for a lovely home dinner date! He even had candles and mood music! He even got me my favorite Chinese take-out … from the restaurant across town (he always balks at going across town when Applebee’s is right down the road)! Last, but not least, he went to Hallmark and bought me a card and wrote the sweetest sweet inside all about how he loves me and our baby to pieces. COULD YOU ASK FOR A BETTER GUY!?!?!?

Did I mention he used her personal money for all of this?

Personal money is a BIG deal at our house. It is our budgeted allowance. The money we don’t ask each other about (even though I ask Dominic every week, “How much do you have left?”). He always has rollover from the previous month and lots left when we get to the end of the month … when he is mulling over a purchase I encourage him to get random things just so he spends it! I, on the other hand, can’t seem to hold on to my personal money. When the 1st rolls around I am down to a few dollar bills and coins; then I get my next allotment and off I go shopping for the month’s treasure :) Sometimes I even forget to hold out enough money for my lunches (lunch money comes from personal money and I <3>

Yep, I’m blessed. I’ve got the greatest husband who is going to be the GREATEST dad. Life is good.
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