A Dozen Things About Me

 Lily Jade purse + StitchFix dress + garage sale cardigan It’s a home day here! Woohoo! Jemma loves them because she gets to wear sleeveless (I have no idea why this is os exciting, but she loves tank dresses most of all and always requests these “with NO sweater, please” on home days). I love […]

If Not

bracelet here Daniel 3:18. Really, the whole third chapter of Daniel has been on/in/everywhere in my heart lately. That phrase “IF NOT” flows so well with the story of Daniel and his companions. And it transcends time. Because 2600 years later, it’s speaking loud and clear to me. 16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to him, […]

Peace, Quiet and Folding

Last week I was sitting on the floor of the laundry room. Four loads were piled in front of me, overflowing from their basket, in what we like to call “the laundry mountain”. It’s big and gnarly and appears to be a lot of work to restore it to folded order so rest assured, my friends, I’m […]

How To Say No

Near the end of last year I felt such a burden on my heart. That sounds cliche and so momentous, so feel free to roll your eyes. I’m rolling my eyes! But I don’t really know any other way to put it. It was this strong and forthright tug that said, “say no”. Say no. And […]

Word of the Year: Embrace

I’ve known for awhile what my word for 2015 would be. It just seemed right, with how 2014 kept speeding up as the months went by.  Embrace. This year, I want to embrace each day. Appreciate the little things. Lock in moments with my kids at these sweet and crazy ages of 2 and 4. […]

In Case You Wondered

Necklace from the amazing Archer + Hare It has been awhile since I waxed narcissism on you all with a post all about me. So, here it goes … things you just need to know before continuing your day. I love drinking water from the faucet during the winter. The freezing pipes make it extra […]

Is Thanksgiving Shopping Ok?

Have you heard the uproar about stores being open on Thanksgiving? This time of year, it’s the shot heard ’round the world. And so, because there is never enough chatter on controversial subjects, I figured I should chime in. I mean, why not? Here’s the deal. People are going to Christmas shop in November. People […]

Good Moms

Lately, I’ve been reflecting quite a bit about what it takes to be a good mom. I haven’t come to a conclusion, I doubt I ever will, but I have traipsed my way through a few ideas that were in need of some organization. And thus, this post has been born – mostly with thanks to […]

Hello 28

Well, hello there 28. You’ve been super swell. Like, the real kind of fine. I’m just a week in and I think you’ll be a good year. No where near those early 20 wandering years and just bumping up on the, well … hey there, 30! I see you coming ’round the bend! I’m not […]

Lost In Motherhood + a Giveaway

Today, I’m away.  I left my babies. I grabbed my husband and we drove away for a retreat. A time where I’m not mom, just wife. And just me. Something I haven’t been in almost 5 years.  It has been a rejuvenating 18 hours thus far. I’ve wandered and slept and thought. Because when I’m not […]

My First 5K

Back it up to last Thursday and I woke up with a cold :/ Who gets sick two days before their first ever 5K? This girl. I diffused/applied my essential oils (OnGuard for the win!), guzzled Vitamin C and napped while the dishes didn’t do themselves. That put me nearing wellness by race morning. Phewf. […]