National Park Book List

If you are a lover of national parks you’ve found yourself the perfect book list! This collection of resources are some of our family’s very favorites and, with the launch of my national park printable it seemed fitting to gather all these book recommedations into one place.

Happy reading!

National Parks of the U.S.A.

This large, hardcover book is an absolute gem! It is full of facts and beautiful illustrations and there is a coordinating activity book that is equally wonderful.

National Park Mystery Series

Author Aaron Johnson capitalized on kids’ love of national parks with his captivating mystery series. So far there are three books that journey through Rocky Mountain, Great Sand Dunes, and Grand Canyon. They are available in paperback and hardback, but the Kindle option is best – all three books for $10.

Atlas of the National Parks

I’ve seen this book at multiple national park gift shops and it’s a beauty! Full of photographs and details it’s both a superb resource and perfect conversation starter for the coffee table.

Fun with National Parks

Super fun activity book to bring the parks alive!

National Parks Guide U.S.A

Max has this book on repeat. It’s one he carries around often, flips through, shares facts, and revisits favorite parks through great photos.

The Campground Kids

There are currently seven books in this series about a brother, sister, and their cousin who have adventures in the parks. We are crossing our fingers book eight will be about a park in Washington … Olympic or Mount Rainier would be such fun settings!

National Parks A-Z

A lovely park picture book that still boasts a good number of facts. Plus, who doesn’t love a good A-Z book?!

Oh, Ranger! True Stories From Our National Parks

We first saw this book at a park gift shop (Big Bend, I think). We haven’t finished it yet, but have sure enjoyed the stories we’ve started. Love getting that ranger perspective – they’re a unique and awesome breed!

Explore! America’s National Parks

This is my very top pick! The illustrations are absolutely stunning and the layout of each section/park is so creative. Highly recommend! And, if you can, get it directly from a PaperPie representative/book party :) Rachel is a great rep if you need one!

DK Eyewitness National Parks

Eyewitness books are always a classic sneak peek into a topic. This one, of course, is a total win!

You Are Home: An Ode to the National Parks

A national park book written in verse? Yes please! With gorgeous illustrations? YES YES! Another one of my favorites.

History Comics – The National Parks: Preserving America’s Wild Places

When a Sasquatch and a bald eagle offer to take you on a tour of the national parks … say yes!

National Park Maps: Illustrated Maps of America’s 62 National Parks

Fantastic illustrations and facts … so much so that I’ll forgive this one for being published before New River Gorge could be included :)

National Parks: A Kid’s Guide to America’s Parks, Landmarks, and Monuments

As much as I love the parks, I appreciate our landmarks and monuments too. Thrilled that this book covered those important locations too!

The Camping Trip That Changed America: Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Our National Parks

This picture book is extremely well done! A lot of history sprinkled with fun and facts. Your kids will surely conclude this story with a big ol “Thank you!” to Roosevelt and Muir.

Mysteries In Our National Parks Series

For starters, mysteries that take place in national parks … um, yes! And as a quick second, these are only $5 each. Such a deal! Collect all 13!

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