Free Printable: Homeschool End of the Year Review Questionnaire

This is gonna be nice and short :)

Inspired by The Peaceful Press, I whipped up a little end of the year review/questionnaire for the kids as our final assignment of the year.

You can print a copy and/or modify it to fit your family’s studies for free!

My only instructions were:

  • Does not have to be completed in one sitting, just by the end of the day
  • Complete sentences
  • Best grammar and spelling
  • Print one answer, cursive on the next (as applicable)
  • If you don’t know the answer, let’s talk about it and then you can write your reply – basically, don’t guess or write down “I don’t know”

I loved reading over their recap of the year! It was such a sweet conclusion to our final day and this will be a perfect addition to their portfolios.

And, for those curious about their answers to the first question. Jemma loved Keeper of the Lost Cities series most and Max chose the Mia Mayhem series and Lightning Girl as his favorites.

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