20 Easter Basket Gift Ideas

With Easter being in March this year it kind of snuck up on me! You too?

I couldn’t be happier though! Easter is one of my favorite celebrations. I just joined the free Holy Week mail series from Hosanna Revival and it’s priming my heart in just the right way.

Simultaneously I’m prepping sweet little baskets for the kids to wake up to on Easter morning. I love filling them with a little fun, a little necessity, and a treat or two they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Take a look at these ideas for littles, tweens, and teens and most of all, I pray your Easter season is filled with joy, hope, and many special family memories.

Some links are affiliate ones where I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase. In addition, I received a few items for review purposes and since I loved them I’ve shared them below.

Gifts for Littles, ages 3-6

Charlie and Eli are my littles and the surprise in their eyes on Easter morning make all the basket effort worth it times ten!

Grossmimi Stainless Steel Divided Plate – Slowly but surely I’m migrated all our plastic kids plates, cups, and bowls to stainless steel. The divided plate from Grossmimi is excellent and even travels well thanks to the lid and optional silicone suction base. This little “Stanley” is cute too … Charlie got it for his birthday and feels so fancy!

KeaBabies Toddler Pillow – When babes transition from crib to big kid space it is always so fun to gift them a pillow that is just their size. And KeaBabies has a pillowcase cover for every interest!

Little People – Holla for this sale! Little People are so timeless and I’m loving all the new themes they’ve been releasing … Barbie, E.T., and this one >>> perfect for the upcoming movie!

Baby Starters Eric Carle Pajamas Set ​​​​​​​- Listen, these darling pajamas + Brown Bear, Brown Bear = the sweetest night time snuggle!

Melissa & Doug Puzzle – These 4-in-1 puzzles are compact and great for little hands. I take little sets like this to restaurants sometimes and they buy me a bit of time with Charlie when I’m doing school with the others too.

Gifts for Tweens, ages 10-12

Even though Reid isn’t quite a tween his interests fall into the tween category. Aren’t big boys just the best to shop for?! Life of a little bro!

Kidpik Accessories – The boys and I recently ordered a bundle of spring clothing pieces and accessories from Kidpik. They love it all, but especially the socks and hats! Definitely check them out with this coupon … a little like StitchFix for kids, but with a la carte item too. Makes it super easy to shop when kids jump sizes … which seems like always :)

Keep>Going First Aid Kit – Both of the boys are really in to survival knowledge so a mini kit from Keep>Going is absolutely perfect! No worries for those who are prepared! And the case patterns are so fun too!

Pastel Highlighters – Love this line of highlighters for Bibles and schoolwork. They don’t bleed and dry quick!

Skip Ball – Remember these? Such a great outside/garage activity! Only $8!

Neck Reading Light – The boys LOVE this neck reading light for car trips and reading a little before lights out.

Gifts for Teens, ages 13+

These things are all with Jemma in mind. And yes, I still can’t believe I have a teenager! She’s a gem though and I love shopping for a teen these days since I can often borrow all her fun stuff!

WORKPRO Cordless Glue Gun – Is your teen in a crafty season? This glue gun is absolutely fabulous for all sorts of crafts! It heats up in just 40 seconds and works like a dream.

FlutterHabit DIY Eyelash Extensions – If your girlie loves to get fancy treat her to some easy at-home eyelash extensions for her next special occasion.

Multi-Charging Cable – I’m pretty confident this will be the gift of the year! We are constantly in charger crisis around here and this one just may cure it all – one cord with three chargers! Phone, Yoto, Kindle … it can do it all!

Stanley Straw Topper – Like, yeah :) Amazon has so many cute little themes, but these seemed perfect for spring. Mama may even swipe one!

Flat Back Earrings – Top of Jem’s spring wish list was a new pair of flat back earrings. She said they make all the difference in comfort for her second piercing!

Gifts for Everyone

For the most part everyone gets one anchor gift (something they really want that is tailored to them), then everyone gets a book, something seasonal … AND SNACKS!

Sunnies – Spring is the perfect time to upgrade sunglasses and Sunnies are where it’s at! With polarized lenses, 100% UVA/UVB protection, and anti-slip material, Sunnies are a mix of style and function for every adventure. They come in 3 sizes … littles, original, and adult.

Books – Plan ahead for summer reading with a few new reads from Book Outlet! There is no better place to browse for books at amazing prices! Get $5 off your purchase of $25 on your first order and free shipping at $35! You can’t always guarantee what Book Outlet will have but it’s worth checking for these … Poke-a-Dot, Big Foot Little Foot, History Smashers, City Spies, and Once Upon a Queen.

Sweet Chaos Popcorn – Skip the fun-size candy and treat your fam to this DELICIOUS popcorn. Holy heavens … it is a treat!

Jessica’s Granola – We are big fans of granola as cereal as well as a yogurt topper and Jessica’s variations hit a home run for us! Clean ingredients and fabulous flavor.

Hair Shampoo Brush – These are the best for learning how to get a solid lather while hair washing. Perfect for teaching clean-up independence early on, especially great for those with thick hair.

Need more ideas? My Amazon Storefront is always growing and fun Easter basket ideas can always be found in $5ish Gifts section.

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