Five Favorites

Well, it might still be spring but summer has arrived in Texas! In fact, this weekend we’re going to see 100 degrees! Basically, the Texas weather is still an anomaly to me. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it.

But, since it is still technically spring we’re focused on wrapping up our school year (just 5 weeks left!) and prepping for a visit to the Pacific Northwest to embrace a bit of summer up there.

Excited to share a few favorites I’ve been falling in love with lately …

ONE — Hosanna Revival’s devotions! Well, I’ve only done one, Yet: The Promise in Habakkuk For Those In Transition. Ya’ll, it’s good. The whole site is 25% off through 5/8/22 and I’m contemplating picking up another study of theirs to start soon.

TWO — Dominic and the kids love this game! We have the Disney version so a fresh one in a new theme seemed fitting.

THREE — Hands down the best hair ties. I promise. Just get them. If they stretch out run them under warm water or leave them in a hot car and they snap back to their original shape. I rotate between three and they have lasted forever!

FOUR — I’ve ordered almost all our curriculum for next year but am most excited about Around the World Through Picture Books from Beautiful Feet. I purchased the Teacher’s Guide and then plan to get the actual picture books from the library. Seemed like the most economical way to go about it.

FIVE — Costco used to carry this supplement and well, I guess they don’t now. Thank goodness Amazon had it pretty close in price. The kids love it!

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