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This was Monday. Sunny, gorgeous, all the lovely parts of Spring.

Today is grey. Grey and wet and calling for a trip to Starbucks. So we went. Because mama needed a piping hot americano. And if you’re curious that new concoction is a grande double decaf americano with 2 pumps white mocha 2 pumps toasted coconut and extra steamed cream. We popped into the library too and are now home for an early lunch.

Some days I sit with the kids and eat and some days I hide elsewhere. Today, elsewhere. My salami, cheese and crackers deserve the quiet :) Here’s a little of what I’ve been reading and loving lately! How about you? Don’t be shy! Leave an article you love or a product you can’t live without in the comments!

Why do we make children sleep alone?

Best purchase as of late >>> automatic LED night lights. They’re light sensing and turn on a dusk and turn off at dawn.

Ordered this for a writing supplement in our homeschool routine.

And my new “curriculum” because this podcast hit home.

I *think* if I ever moved abroad, Denmark would be one of my first considerations. For so many reasons. But this common sense being one of the first.

Here’s how to help your kiddo earn a free book from Barnes & Noble.

Grieving someone alive.

Detox baths for littles.

Pregnancy confession … I’m addicted to Gushers. No link there. Just grab yourself a box next time you’re at the store and enjoy childhood flashbacks!

Emily Windsnap. Can you guess who loves this series?

I want to try Rags for this new little one, worth the splurge? Between that and Purl Lamb (is Reid not ADORABLE in his jumperoo … so happy it will be a cute and quality hand me down!) this little mister is going to be the most hip for sure.

Reid LOVES the outside and has no qualms about getting down and dirty. So, these are in my Amazon shopping cart because I cannot keep up on the laundry and don’t want the above cuteness trashed! Some size/color combos are only $20!

Is everyone else’s house blowing up at 5 p.m.?

Some affiliate links included. Which doesn’t change your price one bit. So don’t fret! xoxo

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