Word of the Year: Routine

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2017 will go down in infamy for its non-routine. 

We packed and moved in January-February. I cooked a baby all spring/summer long. Eli came in September. Then, we house-hunted, packed, and moved between October and December. Everything was helter skelter. Always. 2017, you be crazy.

I like plans. I like knowing what to expect. So, although 2017 was a big year for our family in all categories of life; it mostly felt out of sorts and unorganized to me. The constant change has left me feeling anxious and tense and unfocused. Scattered has become my middle name. And that’s definitely not me. So, it didn’t surprise me one bit when “routine” came to mind and stuck for my 2018 word of the year.

I desperately want a rhythm to our days. I want to know what to expect. I want to settle into a somewhat normal season. 

The kids want this too. They’ve weathered all of our changes so well – truly, the meltdowns have been minimal and the only bad habit they have picked up is too much screen time. Which, seems like a nonissue when you consider two moves and a new baby in less than ten months. I’m so proud of them, but I see and hear how they crave routine. They want to know what’s coming next. And so do I.

This year I’m praying and preparing for routine. I don’t know exactly what that will look like (I’m still unpacking and thus, behind on all the “new year” things), but it’s on my heart and I’m making daily decisions with it in mind. 

Routine will help us flourish. Routine will help us feel calm. Routine will be a beautiful way to spend the year.

Welcome 2018, we’re so very excited for you. Be routine-filled and normal feeling, okay?

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