Winter Home Days


I feel like I talk about the seasons of the year often. Fall, winter, spring, and summer. A quarter at a time, totaling a whole year, season by season. One leads to the other and because my day to day is so much of the same – meals, diapers, laundry, schooling – the seasons tend to mark the passing of time for us. They’re our milestones throughout the year. And pretty ones at that.

Right now we’re marking the milestone of winter. The cold, chilly days. The ones where we bundle up tight to leave. The ones where we return to snuggle and sip cozy drinks. Usually cocoa or cider for Jemma, Reid, and I and plain water for Max who has yet to find a beverage he likes more than good ol’ H2O! 

Winter is wonderful like that. Cozy and often calm. Slow like a freeze. The perfect time for home days. What can I say, we’re hibernating folk!

We had our first run of snow already this year and Jemma is excitedly hoping for more. Me? I’m shivering at the thought! Snow means the temperatures are below freezing and that’s a touch too chilly for me! Then again, with my trusty base layer >>> ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds from Walmart, I don’t actually have to worry. Whether I’m layering up for our weekly library run or spending a regular day at home, ClimateRight is the best and coziest way to stay warm. A total essential for this season!


Above I’m wearing the ClimateRight stretch fleece warm underwear long sleeve top and leggings; the perfect cozy outfit for reading Snow Princess and a few other snow-themed books. Jem thinks they’re so soft (they are!) and asked if she could have them when she grows up. Um, sure, lol! ClimateRight pieces are right around $10 each and are available near the Intimates section at Walmart.



Add ClimateRight by Cuddl Duds to your winter closet! They’re just what you need for snow days, running errands, school drop off/pick up, and, my favorite … home days! The full assortment of base layer pieces and sleepwear options are on too. Pop a set in your cart for free in-store pickup or 2-day free shipping (with a qualifying $35 purchase).

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