7 Hilarious, But True Things Moms Believe About the Holidays


Thanksgiving is over which means we’re full force into the Christmas season! I both smile at cringe at the thought. Because, well, is your to do list a mile long? Because mine sure is!

We’ve got Christmas programs on the calendar, family visiting, a move (but that’s a story for another day), decorating, gift buying, and, perhaps most important, Jemma’s “to bake” list. Such craziness means I’m finding ways to save time and effort at the turn of every corner. 

Rather than tear up and melt into a puddle a la Frosty, I’ve got a fun little spin on the holidays for you >>> 7 hilarious, but true things moms believe about the holidays. Or, at least this mom!

hilarious but true things moms believe about the holidays

The Month Is Too Long and Too Short

December drags on. Maybe because it’s so full and every day feels longer than 24 hours. I mean, come on January, where are you and your fresh beginning? Then again, who wants the Christmas magic, hot cocoa, and pajamas days to end? 

Santa Sucks

I struggle with keeping up the secret. There, I said it. Can I just tell them already that I’m the sole reason their stockings and Santa present are awesome?

The Store Is Not the Place To Be

… at least with kids in tow. I’m all for browsing the aisles ALONE with an eggnog latte in hand and no agenda. But, I can promise you that that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So I fully relish the click and ship option of life. I. Order. Everything. Online. Even this stuff.

Cookie Shouldn’t Have Calories

Oh, am I the only one who is a glutton for alllllll the baked goods? Whatevs. ‘Tis the season!


Commercials Need To Be Banned

Jem and Max are doing a real good job at saying “I like” instead of “I want”, but man, the temptation of stuff is real. Which leads me to …

Gifts Are Annoying

Is Christmas supposed to be about presents? No! But how do you avoid it?!? Like really, tell me. Also, are you a wrapping paper or bag kind of person? I like the look of wrapping paper more, but Max just tried to unroll my brand new roll of snowflake paper because he wanted the tube for a sword! 

Free and Fast Shipping Is Essential

Bring it on, Amazon! I love you. Forever and ever. That’s why gifts, groceries, vitamins, moving supplies, paper essentials, and more are constantly landing on my door step. 

For a long time I didn’t buy grocery store type items from Amazon, but now, I shop online for the best deals, save room in my cart (because it’s always full of kids anyway!), and don’t bury the kids with giant packs of paper towels and Kleenex. In some areas, same day shipping is even available, and if not, there’s always Prime.




If winter sniffles have arrived in your home or you’re worried that all those baking projects will lead you to run out of paper towels … *not like that has ever happened to me* you best add a round of paper goods to your Amazon cart. Plus, right now you can save more than $8 with various coupon savings. Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program boosts savings up to 15% off if you add 5 items to your Subscribe & Save too! Pretty much, I’m a fan. A big fan.

Simplify your life, save yourself some time, don’t run out of essentials, and take each wild Christmas moment as it comes. That’s what I’m trying to do.


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  1. Mallory Parsons says

    You’re so funny and so right. Wrapping paper tubes are the best swords, clearly.