6 Ways Your Partner Can Support You During the Breastfeeding Days

Do I have a perfect husband? No.

Do I have a pretty great one? Absolutely!

One of my most treasured things about Dominic is how he has supported me through 68 months (and counting!) of breastfeeding between our four kids. That is no easy feat!  One, because breastfeeding moms are kind of emotional (at least I am) and two,  it’s not something a dad can step in and take over … hard to take the milk maker out of the milk making equation! So, how exactly does a partner best support his nursing spouse? 

Dominic has naturally stepped in in many ways to support me and other ways he has learned over the years. Together, we’ve compiled a list of ways your partner can support you during the breastfeeding days. It’s not a catch-all, there are definitely times I have felt unsupported or misunderstood as I’ve nursed day and night throughout these years, but, bottom line, I know Dominic loves that we’ve been able to give our babies so much mama milk. And, most of all, I know he’d do anything to help me feel supported regardless of the task I take on. 

Plus, just look at this sweet baby and handsome baby daddy of mine!


Now, 5 ways your partner can support you during the breastfeeding days … pass this list on to your daddy-to-be regardless of if this is your first or more. You deserve the support and I can almost guarantee that he wants to give it.

Learn About Breastfeeding

It’s going to be a common topic between the two of you so become educated enough to carry on a conversation about breastfeeding. You should know what your wife means when she talks about being engorged or feeling a letdown. Help her research fore milk and hind milk and how that affects baby’s tummy (and thus, diapers).  Know how to coach her through a mastitis scare. You might not be the one breastfeeding, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore that it’s happening right next to you.

Ask Questions

If you don’t know what to do … ask! Simply say, “How can I support you?” or “What do you need from me to make this easier?” If she doesn’t have an answer, think of things to offer, “Would you like me to fold laundry and visit with you while you nurse?” or “Do you need a pillow propped somewhere to make nursing more comfortable?”

Keep Her Fed and Watered

Haha! That sounds like a plant or animal, but I promise, the greatest gift Dominic gives me when I’m breastfeeding is helping me to stay nourished and hydrated. It’s hard as a mom to take time for meals or remember to fill your water so when someone steps in and hands you a plate of food or a cup of water while you’re snuggled up with baby, it’s such a blessing!

Set Up a Nursing Station

Buy that wife of yours the most comfortable chair or glider you can find so she has a nice place to nurse. Keep a basket or end table near so she has burp cloths, nursing pads, and water close by when she settles in to breastfeed your baby. After Max was born, Dominic even bought me an e-reader with a backlight so I could nurse and read in the middle of the night. Most thoughtful gift ever! 

Offer To Take a Shift

Breastfeeding is an around the clock job. If mom needs a break, offer to hold baby while she pumps and then plan the best time for you to give baby a bottle while mama rests. I’ve always been a nervous Nelly about bottle-feeding, not wanting it to disrupt the breastfeeding relationship, but having a baby who is comfortable with both is the ultimate goal, cross my heart! Practice occasionally and let dad experience the joy of those milk drunk smiles every now and again. 

Talk Positively

It’s all-consuming to be a breastfeeding mom. We’re always thinking about the next feeding, how it will time with outings, if we remembered nursing pads, if our breasts are feeling full and uncomfortable. When your partner is in a breastfeeding season of life support her by talking positively about breastfeeding. Don’t judge how often she nurses, where she nurses, if she chooses to have a cover, etc. Give her props for making it to each milestone (and each day is a milestone!) and when the opportunity arises feel free to brag on her for her commitment and efforts. Most of all, embrace this season, it’s short-lived and a huge health benefit to both mom and baby.


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How does your partner support you when you’re breastfeeding? I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences!

Today’s post is sponsored by Motif, but as always, I only share about things I truly love and find useful. This is one of them! 

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