So You Wanna Shibori?

This is gonna be short and sweet.

If you follow my Instagram stories (which I’m totally touch and go with), you may have caught wind of my shibori attempt. I say, “attempt” because the final product turned out medium in my book of DIY successes; not quite how I imagined, but also, not a total failure.  

shibori 1

See? Not the luscious dark indigo blue I had hoped for, but, also, not ugly. Baby won’t care a stitch and I guess that’s what ultimately matters.

shibori 2

shibori 3

This project all started with an old swaddle I found in the baby stash that had a small stain. Now, I could have bleached it out, but, I figured that stain was just the prompting I needed to get crafty. 

I used this spray dye and followed a mix of these tutorials:

I won’t give you my own step by step because their insight ^^^ is much more valuable than mine. Now, if I get brave and give this craft another go I’ll try this indigo dye kit next. But, if I hang up my shibori hat (likely) here’s the blanket I’ll buy. Or, this beauty

Do you love shibori as much as I do? I mean, my maternity photos with this little one is a sure sign that I’m in love!

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  1. J Bossio says

    Love the cloudy sky shibori!