Everything You Need For an Impromptu Adventure

My sister and brother-in-law just moved home from Texas. Cue all the cheering! They spent the last week with us and we made it our mission to share many of our favorite spots as a welcome back to the Northwest type of staycation. Nothing like trooping around with 3 kids and a pregnant sister to “recover” from a cross country trip. Hannah and Aaron, you are brave!

We took them to our favorite ice cream stand, explored along the trail behind our house, visited a little waterfront town, and stopped by our secret beach.


I say secret because the kids and I have gone a few times and have never seen another soul. Of course, the night we popped by to showcase our “secret” there were two groups of folks launching boats! Guess our secret belongs to more than just us! Still, we enjoyed searching for crabs, collecting driftwood, throwing rocks, and basking in the evening sun.

The Northwest truly is the best!

For impromptu adventures like beach stops I aim to have the car stocked with essentials. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my car really is my home away from home. I never want to miss out on potential fun because we don’t have what we need. 

Most things we need for a spur of the moment adventure live in the car — diapers + wipes, stroller, Tula, jackets, etc., but there are a few things I update frequently. Snacks being the biggest one followed by H2O and fresh towels. Because, let’s face it, proper energy, ample hydration, and NOT bringing a car full of beach sand home are key to the perfect adventure! And my sanity :)



This last week I discovered Lorissa’s Kitchen, the perfect, protein-rich snack for beach stops and other  adventures. Have you tried this A+ meat snack yet? I’m all about it! Not only because I harp on my kids about choosing protein when they’re hungry, but because my iron is low (the curse of the third trimester … at least for me!) and frequent meat-based snacks are just what the doctor ordered.

Lorissa’s Kitchen isn’t just another protein snack though. They’re quality! 

  • 100% grass-fed beef
  • Antibiotic free pork and chicken
  • Responsibly raised
  • No added growth hormone or added MSG, nitrites, or preservatives
  • Gluten free

And my favorite part? The delicious flavors! Lorissa’s Kitchen products are available in Korean Barbecue Beef, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet Chili Pork, and Szechuan Peppercorn Beef. You can buy them individually or in a pack here.



Is your family on the go this summer? Don’t forget to pack a snack from Lorissa’s Kitchen! They’re not messy and the very best fuel for fun if you ask me!

You can learn more about this wonderful company here and once you do, holler with what flavor you want to try first in the comments. 

Then, get outside and do what you love with those you love!


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