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I spent all day yesterday thinking today was going to be Friday. Like, “Yay! Only one more day until the weekend!” And then, *boom* wake up and it’s only Thursday. Hmmmm. So now I have a whole extra day to fill and I think that’s going to include a Starbucks run, a post office drop, and setting out the clearance rug I stumbled across at Target. I will probably try to feed my kids more than cheese and crackers too.

My allergies have been a giant, hellacious beast this week. Can’t sleep, can’t breathe. Bad attitude about it all too. I think it’s cottonwood which is literally floating in the air here. Max told me I should just stay inside forever so I feel better. Which, technically, makes sense, but isn’t super realistic. 

Rather than hear more about my allergies woes, I’ll leave you with this list of this + that … so much more interesting!

Bible journaling with gelatos, my favorite!

A fiver birthday, brilliant!

This mom and son are so brave for sharing their circumcision experience.

Loved this family’s food philosophy.

Favorite music right now.

Such sweet watercolors, will need a family update soon!

Crazy sale over at Purl Lamb. Size up. Fall in love. So cozy!


Bought bananas at Target and earned $10 through Ibotta! Have you tried it yet?

Best fun book I’ve read this year. Definitely want to read more by this author.

The prettiest, nature-inspired craft project.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a true minimalist, but am I trying to become more intentional with the things I buy and hold on to.

Going to try this salve for my allergies.

Birthday wish list … one (because late night nursing is coming before I know it!), two (function over fashion, folks!), three (because pregnancy has made my current pair not fit!). What’s on yours?

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    Have you read any of the Boundaries books by Townsend & Cloud? There are some great ones for parents, families, etc. And if you liked One True Loves, check out gods in Alabama. It’s themes are a bit deeper than One True Loves but similar. I enjoyed both of them a lot.