The SAHM Gift Guide

Stay at home moms are a unique lot. We no longer lust for fabulous heels to wow the workplace, but rather, find ourselves longing for that new-fangled vacuum cleaner that promises to make our days easier and our homes cleaner. After all, we stay at home and when the home is a happy place, we’re happy as well. 

So, when I had the opportunity to partner with Uncommon Goods and feature some of my favorites I said, “Self, if you love it, I’m betting other SAHMs will love it too!” So, without further delay, may I introduce The SAHM Gift Guide — treasures that are perfect for you to snag for yourself or any SAHM you may know! Also, I consider this the perfect little guide for you to forward to that special man/mom/sister in your life! SAHMs are a rare breed and sometimes it’s hard for others to guess what will tickle our fancy!



Foldable Market Basket — Well, isn’t that just the prettiest. I would also add that a gift card to a pretty market (read, not the regular grocery store) would be a nice addition. Then we could go out, ALONE, and purchase our own bouquet, artisan bread, and gourmet cheese. Oh, and wine. Duh.

Scratch Map — My exciting traveling days are currently on pause. But, I’d sure love to chronicle where I’ve been and use this fun map as a mini geography lesson with my littles.

Porcelain Bird Bud Vase — Eek! Bud vases are perfection for mamas! Our most special flowers come form our children and I can’t think of a better way to display all my favorite dandelions.

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit — When I’m not swooning over my cherished dandelion I’m aiming to keep my succulents alive and this assortment is just too perfect! I love its unique display.

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand — Again, swoon! I’ve wanted one of these cookbook stands for all of my homemaker days and this rustic style will last me well into my 80s.

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags — Brilliance! I seriously need these! Grilled cheese is total SAHM food … especially if you jazz it up with havarti, turkey, and sliced apples. 

Latitude Longitude Pendant — SAHMs love reminiscing about their former, adventurous life. At least I do. So, if Dominic snagged me a pendant with the coordinates of where we met, I’d be one happy camper. After all, meeting him, I suppose, was the very beginning of my soon-to-be SAHM life.

Cuddle Mug — Pottery junkie here! I just love their homemade charm!

Take a moment and browse Uncommon Goods, I’d love to hear what you love the most!  There are so many gift options, way beyond just the SAHM category. At Uncommon Goods you’ll find perfect presents for all areas of the home, personalization galore, and tons of unique housewarming ideas! In order for gifts to arrive by Christmas, make sure to submit your order by 5pm on December 17th with economy shipping or all the way up to 5pm on December 22nd with Express shipping.

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. High five UG folks for having so many special choices for SAHMs and beyond!

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